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The Summer Job Scene – Part II – Attention Clients

Sometimes it is quite difficult to hire summer support staff for entry level positions that experience a high turnover. Your company needs reliable help to step in as your permanent staff enjoys much-needed vacations. And if summer is your busy season, the plot thickens. You need individuals with unique talents and personalities, but finding committed, reliable help can be difficult. What’s an employer to do?
Make the “summer help” experience work for the candidate

  1. Fostering a positive engagement is the first step. Meet with employees to set goals and priorities, but more than that, let them “feel” how their work will contribute to the big picture. For potential employees who are cause-oriented, knowing how they “fit” into both the organization’s charitable concerns as well as its financial objectives can make a difference in performance.
  2. Let them know that though they are summer-support employees; the firm will recognize a desire (but not guarantee) of permanent employment. Point out that summer positions are a great way “build” a variety of skills, as well as gaining access to other opportunities.
  3. Remind your summer support employees that the skills they will be learning (and the colleagues they are getting to know) may help toward future opportunities. They will find this information helpful in building their resumes and network of contacts.
  4. Create a plan of action:
  • Give them specific tasks and responsibilities, including the necessary training.
  • Communicate your expectations – not just in tasks, but also in dress codes, behavioral guidelines, the internet and mobile device usage, etc.
  • Provide feedback.

In the end, your company will gain as much from your summer help program as you put into it. Lingo Staffing is here to help you make it successful. We understand your needs, as well as the underlying issues that make each company’s program unique.
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