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Can You Turn Your Temp Job into a Permanent One?

Lots of companies want to “try before they buy,” especially in this gig economy. While there is no guarantee of a temporary position becoming a permanent job, it is a possibility. In fact, some staffing companies advise candidates looking for work to take a temporary contract position with the hope of turning it into a permanent one.
Furthermore, statistics show the majority of people who accept contract work desire to become permanent employees. And working as a temporary employee gives one an inside track over external candidates.
Because of the gig economy trend, an increase has occurred in the talent pool for temporary workers and so has an improvement in the quality of those workers. These factors make it more competitive for jobs especially as employers expect to find the exact right person.
While companies are using the temporary period as evaluative, the good news is there are more and more openings popping up for temporary workers. It is a positive two-way street; the employer can see how a temporary worker performs and the temporary worker can gauge the job and the feeling of fitting into the company culture.
5 Tips for turning the temp gig into a permanent one.

  1. Know the firm’s hiring policy concerning temporary employees before going in -make sure that a permanent job is a possibility before you commit as a temp.
  2. Do your absolute best. Be 100% reliable: on time, quality work, and neat appearance within the firm’s dress code.
  3. Communicate honestly, effectively and ask questions when warranted. Be genuinely enthusiastic and offer to go the extra mile. Offer to stay late or come in early. Remember, you may be a temp, but you are there to fill a need.
  4. Network and build relationships with other employees in a friendly but not intrusive Always display respect and gratitude. Offer to help other employees if you have the opportunity to do so as this will further show your value.
  5. Get to know the company. Understand what you can while you have the chance to research history, earnings, and culture.

If you accepted a temporary to permanent position, you probably agreed in writing to a trial period of up to 60 days. While a temporary contract has no agreed upon end date, a trial period should be no more than two months for a contract of two years.
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