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Streamlining your Workflow

Streamlining your workflow isn’t a one-time process – it requires an ongoing awareness of what works and what doesn’t. Following these steps will help your business move forward, maintaining a steady bottom-line, and building the kind of strength that rises above the inevitable storms.
Assess Existing Processes

  • Prioritize: Which workflow areas will benefit most from being updated? Which streamlining actions will have the most profound effect across the board? Begin where it matters the most.
  • Evaluate: Current processes were established for a reason. Which reasons have changed? What background factors have changed? What hasn’t? On the one hand, take advantage of new methods and technologies. On the other hand, recognize that change isn’t always the right choice. Discern the difference.
  • Test: Implement the new changes in a test environment before making a sweeping change. Ask for feedback from those directly involved. It will not only indicate how efficient the new system is, but also reveal flaws, and indicate areas to improve before moving forward.

Leverage technology

  • Invest in software applications: From CRM to Business Management to Accounting software and more, choose the best app for your business and consolidate where appropriate.

Use technology to reduce paperwork. Not only does it save your cost, it’s also being environmentally smart.

  • Go BYOD: The bring your own device scenario can be very positive, but be watchful of potential glitches.


  • Saves on investment cost
  • Increases employee mobility and available hours


  • Requires specific policies and guidelines to protect company data and ensure that time on the device during work hours is work time, rather than personal time.
  • Automation: From organizing data to analytics, robots can conquer the menial and repetitive tasks, optimizing employee contributions.

Optimize Employee Input

  • Empower employees: Giving employees the authority that matches their responsibilities eliminates a step in the decision process and increases efficiency.
  • Enforce break time: Studies reveal that implementing adequate break and lunchtime increases productivity.
  • Encourage spirit of teamwork in your company culture: Positive employee interaction and engagement spur satisfaction and increase productivity.

B2B Connections

  • Connect with reliable suppliers: Choosing professional and reliable suppliers is crucial to ensure smooth and efficient operations and processes.
  • Outsource: Evaluate your processes – if a task doesn’t require an on-premise employee, take advantage of outsourcing and save on payroll taxes and benefits. No business is too large or too small to reap the benefits of outsourcing.
  • Hire right: Partnering with a reliable staffing company enables better hires and reduced turnover, which save time and cost.

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