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6 Changes to Inspire Amazing Growth in 2018

Be Intentional About Customer Service
Whether you’re a B2B or consumer-focused business, the road to a loyal base of client/customers, who bring more client/customers is laid with trust. The competition is strong. While being the best is a worthy goal, people are looking for more than the ultimate best. They want warm, connected service – it’s what brings them back. In fact, both studies and surveys consistently reveal that customer service ranks above price. People are willing to pay for experience and connection. Even when problems arise – and they will – what matters is your response.
Focus on Employee Engagement 
Your employees are your greatest asset. An open door policy – taking the time to know them and listen to them, increases their sense of value. Recognize their efforts and achievements. Express appreciation – verbally, in written form, and tangible ways. Offer wages and benefits appropriate to the position + a little. Deal with conflict in healthy ways. Be real – an authentic role model – it’s a key motivator.
Facilitate Video Training
Training new employees, including support staff, is a crucial component of a growing business. Adopting a video training program creates a highly successful training program. Studies reveal that video training is more effective – increasing the viewer’s ability to remember specific concepts and details much better than when just reading a manual. Additionally, the video is more cost-effective and convenient, not only eliminating the cost of venue or travel but also allowing employees to train on the job or at home. Furthermore, video ensures that everyone learns the same material and methods. A library of video resources can be accumulated and used over and over again for both new employees and as refresher courses.
Get into Data
According to Mitul Makadia, in a post for Big Data, Data Analytics “acts as a trusted advisor for your company’s strategic planning.” It not only improves your decision making but also provides info to validate those decisions. It builds staff efficiency and commitment and helps identify trends and opportunities, as well as helping your company to target the appropriate market. Additionally, data analytics can play a significant role in talent recruitment.
Move Millennials into Leadership Roles
Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce. If your company hasn’t started already, it’s time to not only train your millennial talent but move them into leadership roles. More than 85% of Millennial talent say they want to learn, grow, and develop their careers. Investing in their desire and offering opportunities to lead, will enhance your company’s growth line.
Give Back to Your Community
Investing in your community – giving back as a team of both owners and employees, has a powerful impact in multiple ways. In addition to helping your community, involving your workforce in your giving back increases your employee’s sense of value and builds company unity. Everyone experiences a sense of pride, achievement, and self-satisfaction. It strengthens your company’s reputation and, though not the original motivation, often increases your bottom line.
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