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2 Job-Hunting Tips to Help Land Your Dream Job

Searching for a job is a different process than a decade ago. Technology is partly to blame, with the rise of social media marketing. Plus, multiple generations competing for jobs and each has a different idea about what they want from life and what is essential.
Do differing generations now look for jobs in the same manner? How does the experience that comes with age stack up to youthful drive?
While networking is still the number one way to get out there, candidates of all ages may need to bone up on what works in the marketplace. Following are two tips you may not hear from the mainstream.
Don’t rely solely on tricks with technology
While you may hear about tricking artificial intelligence and chatbots, don’t bet your lunch money on this job search strategy alone. Technology may be a game-changer, but unless you know how to make the most of it, you may trick yourself out of the job.
Be prepared with several formats of your resume:

  • One that looks neat and well-designed for handing out at interviews (a pdf).
  • One that is keyword-oriented to be read by automated tracking software (ATS). The ATS systems cannot read a .pdf file accurately, particularly if it contains any artistic elements such as logos, photos, or symbols. You don’t want to miss out because your qualifications cannot be scanned into the machine’s database. Use a .doc format with ATS.
  • One that looks good online.

Of course, keep every format consistent with the others and truthful.
Don’t get lost in the black hole
Have you applied for job openings and never heard back from the hiring company. Many companies receive stacks of resumes per job opening and use ATS to help narrow the choice of applicants. It is possible you may not receive contact from those companies unless your resume passes the ATS criteria.
How to get around this dark loop? Submit your letter-perfect resume (and cover letter, if required). Respect the time you put into the search and preparation. Follow up on your submission – it’s the black-hole preventative. Besides, there’s a reason for the cliché, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”
If you still face a wall of silence after a few follow-up attempts, accept the fact you may not be able to make headway and move on. There are other companies who may think you’re a perfect fit. Or, use a reputable staffing company like Lingo Staffing. They can make a connection on your behalf.
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