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Should You Hire for Attitude, then Train for Skill?

Suppose you have a job available and a candidate with the mindset you’re seeking. They would fit like a glove in your company culture, but… They lack the adequate skill set to perform the job with excellence. Knowing the investment in training you would be required to make, would you be willing to hire that person?
Did you respond with a resounding yes?
As a hiring manager, there’s a time to trust your intuition because your hunches are born of experience and knowledge.
You may find some of your best hires this way. These “unskilled” employees often turn out to be some of the most loyal. They can be trained in the way that fits your organization’s needs.  In fact, they may make a significant difference to your bottom line in the not too distant future.
The key is to hire for attitude and aptitude.
Look for the character traits that make a difference – a candidate who:

  • Is guided by integrity.
  • Is eager to learn and work hard.
  • Doesn’t need to be “untrained” of bad habits.
  • Has the right “spirit.”
  • Is a quick starter.
  • Will re-energize a department or an industry.

A candidate with the “right stuff,” that vital blend of energy, humor, team spirit and self-confidence, who also has a willingness to learn and grow can make all the difference in your business. Don’t be afraid to hire what can’t be taught, and then invest in training what can – the ROI is worth it.
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