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Top 7 Qualities of an Administrative Professional

If you have watched almost any episode of Mad Men, then you know about the glass ceiling and stigmas of employment for women during the 1960s. Back then, one of the only jobs for a woman was as a secretary.
In the more enlightened scenarios of today, not only the name of the position has changed –as well as some of the responsibilities—but both men and women can be administrative assistants.
So, what does an administrative professional’s job entail? The common thread includes the front and back end of office support and information coordination for a particular department or function within a business. Depending on the size, needs, and goals of the company, it can encompass a range of duties:

  • Receptionist (answering phones and relaying messages)
  • Data Clerk (data input and accuracy of information records)
  • Secretary (taking dictation, composing correspondence, travel, scheduling and more)
  • File Clerk (establishing a system of filing, monitoring and tracking essential documents)
  • Project and Sales support (preparing presentations and answering preliminary customer inquiries, maintaining deadlines and ensuring the manager meets priorities)
  • Personal Support Services (some executive assistants facilitate tasks like dry cleaning, personal shopping, hospitality plans, and related arrangements)

To succeed in this position, one would need the following 7 qualifications:

  1. Excellence in time management and organizational abilities
  2. Ability to discern and manage multiple priorities within a specific timeframe
  3. Flexibility to adapt to changes in priorities or tasks, sometimes at a moment’s notice
  4. Superior communication skills (Including great observation and listening skills)
  5. Knowledge of business processes, infrastructure, and systems
  6. Excellent relationship skills, commitment, and loyalty
  7. The maturity to reason and keep items confidential

Those who are serious about the administrative profession can earn certification. A Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) receives this designation from the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP). To achieve the CAP designation, one must successfully pass an exam as well as demonstrate meeting the criteria for educational and secretarial experience.
Today’s administrative professionals are relied on heavily to do a range of jobs that keep businesses functioning. They are respected staff and team members and often are promoted to higher positions within the company because of their demonstrated skills and knowledge.
Do you have what it takes to succeed as an administrative assistant?
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