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Why Should You Work in Customer Service?

Do you love to talk to people? Do you find satisfaction in helping others define and fill their needs? Does it make you smile when you can help others solve problems?
If you answered yes to the questions above, then a job in customer service could be the job of choice for you.
There are almost as many aspects of serving customers as there are ways to assist them. People who work as customer service representatives (CSR) can do so by answering digital or phone inquiries, or by connecting person to person because almost every industry requires employees who are experts in customer service. Frequently, a CSR plays a pivotal role.
If you are patient, attentive, a good listener and manage time well, you have three qualities of a good CSR. If you can understand your company’s business processes, communicate clearly, and document conversations accurately, you have the necessary skills to work as a CSR.
Here are just seven professions using customer service representatives:

  • Manufacturer’s process control engineers
  • Pharmaceutical call centers
  • 911 operators
  • Insurance and benefits handlers
  • Order processors and fulfillment centers
  • Computer help desk
  • Auto sales and service

While some CSR positions might require a baccalaureate degree, some may only require certification or a period of specialized training. Further, these jobs may also offer flexible scheduling for individuals who seek shift work or have to fit specific family needs into earning their livelihoods.
Always wanted to work from home? Well, that may be conceivable as a CSR. With more globalization comes more possibilities of remote workers. Depending on your locale, a CSR position could be the solution for you. Search for remote customer service jobs and see if any are a match for you.
Or, you could engage a local staffing company, like Lingo Staffing. Local companies are sure to have positions available that could use talented CSRs.
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