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Chatbot and Interviews

Businesses are changing their hiring strategies in the race to handle the hundreds of resumes they receive for posted jobs within the tight labor market. One way they are changing is for candidates to interact with a chatbot, a tool of artificial intelligence (AI) with representational or relational knowledge to be able to think or respond in human ways. On-demand video and texting are examples.
“Smart” hiring tools aim to cut down the interview, hiring and on-boarding time.
A survey published in 2017 by Deloitte indicated 33 percent of its respondents already use some form of AI in the hiring process because it saves times and reduces human bias. A chatbot is said to help secure top candidates faster and more efficiently. It is also purposed with a preprogrammed assessment model to move candidates to the next step or to respond to the unqualified whose applications seemed to have fallen into a black hole.
Additionally, many startup firms offer AI recruitment tools, like an on-demand video interview platform. While it has been reported that 70 percent of candidates are comfortable interacting with a chatbot, an interview accomplished with AI feels different than a traditional interview, as facial expressions and word choices will be evaluated by a series of algorithms rather than a human. However, some candidates feel a chatbot really gives them a chance for self-expression—more than just a resume.
So how do you respond to a chatbot?
If you find you will be interviewed by a video chatbot, not all those traditional interview preparations go out the window. Remember to dress appropriately as you still get only one chance to make a first impression. Follow the tips on the interviewing site. You can even do a search on Twitter for tips on how to answer questions.
Perhaps most important is to have bright lighting and to exaggerate facial expressions because they will be more easily picked up by the AI. So when you smile, make it a huge smile.
While the chatbot trend is gaining ground, AI is not commonplace as yet. So, don’t forget to register with reputable staffing firms like Lingo Staffing. Staffing firms have an inside track to some very attractive jobs that may exactly suit your skill set.
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