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Boost Your Appeal to an Employer: Take Advantage of Free and Low-Cost Education Opportunities

Do you enjoy learning? Do you want to stay sharp in your field of interest? Do you want to make the most of opportunities?
In today’s competitive job market, having additional training or education can pay off in a few ways

  • It can make you a more desirable candidate
  • It can position you for a higher pay bracket or promotion
  • It can make you more valuable to your employer, and
  • It can boost your self-confidence.

Science tells us that people who engage in life-long learning increase in wisdom and adaptability. They also contribute valuable skills to their communities which help create opportunities. While life-long learning may be the desire, the affordability of education can be the holdback.
Where do you find affordable education opportunities?
Don’t worry. There are many valuable courses that you can take for free that might help you advance in your career or ready you for a job.
Forbes says to consider a MOOC, or Massively Open Online Course offered to everyone by some of the world’s top colleges and institutions. According to OnlineCourseReport.com, MOOCs have grown from roughly 160,000 learners at one university in 2011 to 35 million at 570 institutions in 2015. This type of learning can occur at your own pace from any location.
MOOCs can be found with platforms like Coursera, Udacity or EdX.org . They deliver college-level courses from top institutions like Harvard and MIT on a variety of relevant subjects. Choose among biology and life sciences to technology to language. Plenty of offerings exist to tempt you and enhance your knowledge.
Also check out courses on Udemy.com, a platform for which industry professionals have designed and conducted training.
While many courses on Udemy are fee-based, many are also free. Additionally, Udemy also runs many special pricing sales which means you can choose a comprehensive curriculum, such as Social Media Marketing or Intro to Photography, for about $10. Plus, classes are updated regularly to keep pace with current industry standards and expectations.
Also, don’t overlook paid or unpaid volunteer programs as learning opportunities. If you land a coveted volunteer spot, look at the opportunity as an extended interview process. As you gain exposure and expertise, you can create a proposal that spells out why you should be hired rather than remain a volunteer. Or, you can transfer that experience to another employer who recognizes its value.
Moreover, think about finding a mentor/counselor who can offer solid advice on gaps or deficiencies to fill with coursework. A mentor does a lot more than provide a one-time suggestion on training needs. So, if this is the kind of relationship you seek, you should do your homework to find the best arrangement for you.
Finally, register with a local professional staffing agency. Many staffing agencies will assess your skill levels and point you toward potential training opportunities.
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