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2019 Attitude Tune-Up

“Check your attitude at the door” is a familiar cliché used to deter individuals from entering a place with a less-than-congenial demeanor. Whether you are a full-time, or temporary staff member, adhering to this saying will give a boost to your career.
Your demeanor in the workplace can put you on the fast track for success, or derail you. Are you helpful, courteous, and willing, or are you the least likely to help another team member, are you nasty to co-workers, or do you have a “that’s not my job” attitude?
If you are a full-time or part-time employee and fall into the latter category, perhaps you need to rethink your mental posture as you move into 2019. These pointers may help.
Lights, Camera, Action
Consider your temp position as an audition for a part where the part is temporary work assignments from your agency. Assignments can last a day, a week or a year, and possibly turn into a permanent position, if the client is happy with you.
Temps are scrutinized and evaluated as full-timers, with one exception, your evaluations come from the client and staffing service. This means you must be extra diligent to stay on your toes if you want to move ahead.
Your work ethic and performance should be stellar, but even if you become a top performer in a short period, your behavior can kill the deal, so be conscious of your words and actions in the workplace.
Attitude Tells
If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning, shake it off and work in a few positive affirmations before you go to your assignment.

  • Body Posture: According to the Genard Method, “How you stand affects your standing with the audience.” Your stance and body posture says a lot about you. For example, slumped shoulders, and a caved chest may indicate surrender and lack of willingness to take on the world.
  • Eye Contact: Always look into a person’s eyes when they speak to you; avoidance alludes to distrust.
  • Go with the flow: Always adapt to changes that occur while on assignment without complaining..
  • Respect: Never be disrespectful or resistant to direction.

In summary, we all face challenges in life that can make us angry, disheveled, and frustrated. The hard part is learning not to put them in our backpack and carry them wherever we go.  Mood-changing situations can arise but learn to recognize them and change it.
Know that the attitudes you bring to the temporary work assignment are not only a reflection of you but also of the staffing service you represent. Work on leaving a good legacy behind.
Perform your job as if it were a permanent one, dress according to the company’s dress code, learn everything you can about the role, build relationships with other staff, take the initiative, and learn as much as you can. Get used to treating your assignments in this manner; it may lead to better positions or a permanent one.
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