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4 Tips to Help You Find a Job After Graduation

Now that you have your college degree, you’re ready to hit the ground running to find that dream job.  Right? Maybe. Although a university degree provides an added advantage (41 percent of companies will only hire graduates), the U.S. Census Bureau reports a decline in graduates being able to find work.
Of course, the key to success in every part of life is preparation – especially when you start your job search. Before you face this challenging job market, take time to gear up and prepare. These tips can help you beat the odds.

  1. Stay Connected
  • When you reach that milestone in your life, staying connected to your alma mater is beneficial.
  • College alumni associations are a great resource that provides tools to connect you with previous grads who are in rewarding positions or own a business.
    Do your research and make those connections. Older alumni are there to help.
  • Check out the Career Center of Your School
  • Before you exit campus, visit the Career Center. Meet with a counselor and inquire about how you can take full advantage of their services.
  • Network with recent graduates to get their take on their job search.
  • Stay connected to faculty and staff who may be willing to provide references.
  • When you receive alumni event invitations, attend and network with as many people as you can.
  1. Write Your Resume

Your resume outlines your experience, skills, career aspirations, and more.
Although a time-consuming and challenging task, you can find help through your college career office, or online.  It may be worth your while to hire a professional resume service.

  1. Clean Up

Evaluate your connections to various social channels. Ensure your social media postings and profiles are job- friendly.

  • When recruiters and employers receive a resume, the first thing they will do is Google you, which will key them into your subscribed social media platforms. The last thing you want a potential employer to see are photos of you at a college party slugging down a beer or reading questionable content.
  • To avoid any issues, revamp, or delete questionable content on all social outlets, then set up a quality LinkedIn account.
  1. Set Up Your LinkedIn Account

For employers, LinkedIn is the most used platform.

  • An untapped, two-fold resource for postgraduate, LinkedIn is your looking glass into the job market and provides exposure to recruiters and head-hunters. A LinkedIn account results in many benefits. Learn how to take advantage of its offerings and how to set it up from a postgraduate student who was once in your shoes.

In summary, finding your first job out of college may be challenging, but if you look at it as a class project that includes a strategy, outline, and the steps you must take, you can “earn an A.”
Congratulations on your accomplishment and good luck in your job search.
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