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Getting the Most from Your Summer Temps

Summer often brings multiple requests from staff for their earned vacation time. If summer is also your peak time, the need for temporary support staff increases. To make the most out of your summer help, and prevent potential headaches, consider these suggestions:
Onboarding Paperwork
When you hire temps during peak periods, it’s essential to differentiate between seasonal and temporary employees and complete the correct, state-mandated paperwork.
Temp workers are classified in two ways and are reported according to classification and state mandates.

  • Seasonal workers are temps who work during annual events or busy seasons.
  • Year-round temps work for set periods.

Payroll and HR must classify these workers according to State mandates, or their company may face penalties.
Although seasonal help will be with you for short periods, do not skimp with their training; the time spent will be worth it in the long run.

  • You want to give your clients and customers the same quality service they expect, so spending time to train upfront will thwart any potential problems with your patrons.
  • You want projects to be completed correctly and on time.

The more informed a temp worker is, the higher the chance he/she has of success.

  • Designate a go-to source for questions.
  • Communicate job expectations upfront.

Seasonal workers do not have the same motivators as your full-time personnel. They are not striving for a promotion or an increase in salary. Unlike your permanent staff members, they do not enjoy the same benefits. Take time, think out of the box, and create incentives that demonstrate your temps’ value to your company. For example:

  • Offer rewards for goals met – individually and as teams
  • Provide financial incentives
  • Give verbal recognition

Make Your Temps Insiders, not Outsiders
A mistake often made by managers is to exclude seasonal staff from team-related activities. Inclusion provides better results.

  • Get to know your temp – give them a name, rather than a number
  • Invite temps to sit in on team meetings
  • Ask for their input
  • Give them feedback on their performance

Bottom line: Recognize that whether your staff is full-time, part-time, or seasonal, they are all people and should be treated equally. Your team management approach has a direct impact on employee performance and success of your company.
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