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Employee Development: An Essential Element of Business Success

The beginning of the Fall season often initiates an analysis of the year’s performance. Are you on track to meet your goals by December 31st?   While there are many areas to consider, one crucial point is employee development – a critical factor in retention rates.
Why? Reaching business goals requires an engaged workforce.  In today’s diverse workforce, that includes more than tangible rewards. They want their compensation and benefits, of course, but they also place an increasing value on reaching career goals and aspirations. New generations desire ongoing training programs, reciprocal communication with managers and company leaders, and cross-training opportunities.   Creating a successful employee development plan (EDP) will motivate staff and strengthen your business.
The EDP is a guide to help employees reach and exceed their career goals with management’s help.  Development plans facilitate rapport with staff, managers, and company leaders, opens channels of communication, and provides guidance and support. In short, it provides a way for employees to take ownership of their successes and failures while building confidence.
Creating an EDP will benefit your company in multiple ways, including:

  • Creates better communication
  • Builds a higher level of employee skills
  • Increases engagement and trust
  • Encourages employee participation and connections
  • Improves retention levels
  • Increases employee productivity

Ready to get started?
There are several examples and templates available.  Inc.com suggests the following five essential steps.
1.       Consider your business goals
2.      Talk to your employees
3.      Decide what skills your employees need
4.      Create an action plan
5.      Apply the new skills in the workplace
You may create a variety to reflect the employee’s goals, your industry, and the position. These tips will help.

  • Consider cross-training to broaden employee skills
  • Offer tuition assistance or tuition reimbursement
  • Encourage healthy manager/employee relationships via feedback and other open-door concepts.
  • Listen to employees – use people-centric methods in decision making
  • Stay up to date on technology and offer training courses
  • Create coaching/mentoring programs
  • Encourage leadership development from within

An employee development plan is essential for continued company growth. It begins with hiring the right employees and utilizing support staff when needed. Lingo Staffing can help you with both. Contact us today.
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