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Getting Your Management Staff on the Same Page

“In teamwork, silence isn’t golden – it’s deadly.”    – Mark Sanborn
Collaboration. Clear Communication. Connected. The essential pillars of a smooth-running management team that operates from the “same manual.” Attaining this element of a successful business is challenging, but with a planned strategy in place, you can accomplish it.
Collaboration: In some shape or form, we all live by schedules. The key is integration.

  • Create a routine – block consistent specific times for team meetings, project reports, and anything else that involves the entire team.
  • Be aware of each other’s commitments. If a team member schedules calls with clients on Tuesday mornings, then don’t use Tuesday mornings for meetings.
  • Utilize software to integrate schedules.

Clear and Regular Communication: Business operations are rarely static. Your business model, strategies, policies, and procedures are continually changing – some aspects on a weekly, if not daily basis. Keeping everyone informed accurately and in a timely fashion is critical to a smooth-running management team.
Prepare a monthly agenda that includes policy updates, new project information, or other pressing issues. Utilize a company command center – it can be a simple as a Google doc or Word doc on a shared drive, used to share:

  • Weekly updates and alerts.
  • Updates from each department
  • Team meetings reminders
  • Summary of meetings

Conduct regular communication activities. Encourage huddles. Set up a format for intercommunications. For example, always stating the main point upfront. Finally, make a point of being transparent and professional. Skip the jargon, sarcasm, or anything that creates a potential for misunderstandings.
Connection: Keeping your management team connected may begin with professional collaboration and communication, but it’s strengthened with a personal connection. Take time to know your staff and their families.

  • Listen to their values, goals, and discover their hobbies.
  • Plan team-building activities.
  • Host a party for the staff.
  • Participate together in a community project, fundraiser, or charity

Collaborating, communicating, and connecting will result in a management team that works together to build your company. It may be a challenge in the beginning, but the ROI is high. As your company grows, so will your staffing needs. Lingo is standing by, ready to match your company with the talent you need for a great management team.
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