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4 Benefits of Forgoing Unemployment for a Steady Job

Right now, unemployment payments are at an all-time high, which has made it very tempting for some people to stop their job search. While this way of thinking is understandable, it may not be the best move in the long run. Staying on unemployment when businesses are starting to reopen their doors and rebuild their staff is a short-sighted approach that can potentially be destructive to your job opportunities in the long-term.   
That being said, here are a few reasons you may want to consider restarting your job search: 

Work adds meaning and purpose to your life 

A job is not just about working forty hours a weekWorking increases your value as a person. Even if you see your role as insignificant, the skills you continue to acquire are helping you to fulfill your purpose by adding value to your company and beyond. Having a job will give you satisfaction and a long-term method of income that you won’t get from an unemployment check. 

Unemployment benefits will stop at some point 

While the expanded unemployment benefits have provided a safety net for you and millions of others, those benefits will eventually cease, and you’ll be left with state unemployment benefits only. That might not be enough, and if you find out that’s the case, you’ll need to scramble to find a job. And with nearly 15 million people leaving the unemployment roles in the coming months, you will be competing with lots of other jobhunters.  

You might be fortunate enough to find a job, but many experts are predicting a tight labor market by fall. They are also predicting that it could be many years before the job market is at the healthy status it was before the pandemic, so it might be smart to start your job search now! 

You could lose your healthcare 

Many workers have been laid off but have kept their healthcare and other benefits. But those perks could end, and they will stop if your employer offers your job back and you refuse. You could have access to COBRA benefits if you lose your job, but that could get expensive since your employer won’t be covering any of the premiums. 

While it’s possible to purchase a healthcare plan on the exchanges, this is also expensive, and the insurance you get might not be as comprehensive as the plan your employer provided. 

Working could help your prospects

Working provides many other benefits that unemployment compensation cannot. For exampleit allows you to expand your professional network, keeps your current skills freshallows you to learn new skills on the job, and makes your resume look impressive. All of these benefits make it easier to find a higher paying position in the future. 

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