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5 Reasons to Partner With a Staffing Firm in Times of Uncertainty

We are living in difficult times. The COVID-19 pandemic has created massive upheaval in the job market, and as we enter the summer of 2020, we’ve begun a gradual reopening of our businesses. Finding workers during this tumultuous time is challenging business and industry. These organizations have so many other things to worry about; finding reliable job candidates adds a layer of complexity to an already uncertain situation. 
 Partnering with a staffing firm makes sense, particularly during uncertain times. Here are five important reasons to seek the resources available from a skilled staffing firm this summer—and beyond. 

1. Steady Workforce

Light industry has had one consistent problem for years: How to find a steady labor pool. While the COVID-19 crisis has put more workers on the job market, finding the right employees that have the reliability and persistence to work in your organization still takes a massive amount of time. Staffing agencies are an added resource for your hiring team, freeing them up to worry about keeping workers safe as the virus cases spike. Staffing agencies have built a pool of reliable workers that they know and can help your organization even out production by providing a steady workforce for your light industrial projects. 

2. Safety Experience

As production ramps back up, finding skilled laborers that also understand the importance of on-the-job safety adds a layer of complexity to the hiring process. Look for a staffing agency partner to help with skilled workers who are experienced in the nuances of safety in an industrial setting. This requires your staffing agency partner to screen for prior candidate experience. Look for staffing firms that understand safety compliance rules to help you find top talent.  

3. Reliability

Finding a reliable workforce in light industrial is always a challenge. But a staffing agency can keep your candidate funnel filled with no gap in applicants. Partnering with these companies givesyou certainty during times that are anything but certain. Staffing agencies are like a labor pool insurance policy for your company. The result? You will never worry about finding the workers you need, production will even off, and your bottom line will grow. 

 4. Scalability

Companies that already work with staffing firms understand the importance of being able to scale their employment efforts. Staffing agencies are a go-to resource for companies riding the wave of an uncertain market. When demand accelerates, staffing agencies are standing by to help you scale up affordably with clear ROI. 

5. Work smarter

Lingo Staffing helps our light industrial clients work smarter to meet the demands of an uncertain market. We have an unparalleled record of service to our clients, becoming the “right arm” of hiring teams as they seek to find a steady, reliable workforce. 

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