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4 Ways to Create a Work Environment that Attracts Top Talent

You need talent, but not just any worker will do. Attracting an average workforce will produce average production numbers—and no company makes that their goal. In our experience, every business wants the best talent they can find in their market. Why? If you fill your business with A players, your ROI will be substantial.   
But there is a lot of competition for the best workers. How can you create a work environment that makes those A-players want to come and join your team? We have 4 ways to help you in your search for top talent. 

1. Allow remote work, if possible

While a frontline industrial workers or even a warehouse forklift driver can’t do their work from home, other positions may have that option. If there is one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it’s that remote work is productive work. If you don’t believe it, check out the two-year Stanford study showing the increase in productivity from work-from-home employees. If you’re filling a clerical position, consider creating an environment where workers at least have the flexibility to work remotely a few days a week. This is an attraction for top talent. 

2. Work with local colleges and universities

College campuses are great resources for a skilled, eager, and energetic workforce. Visiting these organizations to promote the benefits of your company can open the door to top talent. One option for employers is to partner with these institutions to offer internships to young students. It shows that your company is forward-thinking in its approach to hiring a diverse group of individuals. It also provides valuable skills to this workforce and gives them resume experience that they will appreciate later on. 

3. Offer and Promote Work/Life Balance

Keep your current and future workers happy by creating the kind of environment that promotes employee health and safety. One way to do this is to support work/life balance for your employees. Instead of creating a solely production-driven environment, consider making some changes to help protect current workers. These same changes can be used to promote your company to top talent seeking work. You can create work/life balance by: 

  • Not requiring more than 40 hours a week. We know that production can sometimes demand that workers go above and beyond. But paying time and a half not only negatively impacts your bottom line; it can burn out your workers. 
  • Offer more flexible working hours, if at all possible. Consider that your workforce may be juggling challenges with childcare related to COVID-19 or other issues that make a traditional schedule challenging. You want to be known as the employer that puts their workers first, and having schedule flexibility is one way to do it. 

4. Pay Candidates Well

Top candidates will always be attracted to the best income levels, and if you’re competing with other similar companies, a candidate’s decision may simply come down to price. Don’t lose a perfectly great candidate because you’re unwilling to bump up the compensation, but at the same time, don’t be unrealistic in what you can pay. The easiest way to find top talent is to offer competitive salaries, and sites like Glassdoor are always willing to share this with the world.

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