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10 Tips to Prepare for a Virtual Interview

Even before COVID-19, 75% of companies used video interviewing as part of their recruitment and interviewing process. Today, it’s become the new normal, as more workers are remote and companies still social distance to keep their employees safe. 
Ironically, these organizations have learned that there are some benefits when using video screens. For one thing, they’re saving the costs of travel. But if you’re a candidate, taking on your first video interview—or even your fifth, can be challenging and a little nerve-wracking. Here are some tips that may help. 

Preparing for a Virtual Interview 

The first step to preparing for a virtual interview is to make sure your technology is functioning properly. How is your Internet connection? Check your microphone and video camera. Is everything working? Is the picture grainy or do you have an echo? You may need to purchase a mini webcam and microphone, or find a more reliable place to pick up the Internet. Don’t wait till the last minute to check your technology, or you run the risk of looking bad during the interview. 

Second, set up your virtual interview room. This is the area behind you that will be viewed by your computer’s camera. It’s important to have a clean, neat space. Pay attention to lighting and what’s behind the chair you’ll be sitting in. A blank wall or a neat bookcase with tasteful art on the wall is much preferable to a dirty laundry basket. Do you have a space where you can shut the door so the kids don’t bust in on you?  

Third, prepare for this interview in the same way you would any other. Research the interview before you sit down. Don’t click around the web while you’re trying to do the video conference. Jot down relevant questions that you have about the position. You should even print a copy of your resume so you have it as a solid reference during the discussion. 

Fourth, practice video interviewing. The Zoom video conferencing service is free for up to 40-minutes. Why not have your friend interview you on camera as a practice session? They can ask some of the more typical interview questions and you can practice your answers while staring into the video camera, something that will feel awkward at first. Common interview questions include: 

    • What interests you about this position? 
    • What are your biggest weaknesses as a candidate? 
    • What’s been your biggest professional success to date? 
    • Why are you looking for a new job? 
    • What’s important to you in your next job? 

When the employer asks if you have any questions, make sure you have a list ready so you can seem prepared. Try to find out what a typical day will look like and whether they’re adding this role or replacing someone. If you’re replacing someone, why did they leave? What kind of advancement and training are available to employees? 

Practice your responses to the interviewer and make sure you look directly into the camera and smile. Keep your answers succinct and don’t take overly only to answer. At the end of the interview, thank the hiring manager for the opportunity and ask what the next steps are. Just like any interview process, make sure you send a thank you afterward. 

We Can Help You Ace Your Virtual Interview

Lingo Staffing is an expert in the art of the video interview. Why not practice on us? Send us your resume and we’ll review it and look for opportunities on your behalf. Call us today. 


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