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Here’s Why Now is the Best Time to Get Your Foot in the Door for a New Job

Hasn’t 2020 been interesting? We don’t necessarily mean this in a good way either, but there are signs that the economy may be picking up again. If you were furloughed or laid-off during the pandemic, it’s no doubt been a difficult and challenging time. Don’t be discouraged or intimidated; now is the time to look for a new position. Even though there are more people searching, now is the time to get your foot in the door for a new job. 

There Are Still Opportunities Out There

While being an admittedly strange time, the pandemic has also created new opportunities for the American worker. One is the ability to work remotely, in some instances. Today 58% of the workforce is remote. Companies like Amazon or businesses that take advantage of e-commerce likely have more work than they can handle, so if your work is deemed “essential,” it means that you may be able to pick up extra work overtime.   

Another opportunity that you may have now that you didn’t before is the ability to take stock of your current skills and the type of job you want. There are all kinds of options today, if you have the right skill, for work from home, flexible scheduling, or even contract positions that can free up your time when you need to focus on things besides work.  

It’s easier to conduct a job hunt when you’re working from home. These days there are all kinds of jobs online that you can apply for. There are also opportunities to learn new skills online that will help you get a leg up on the competition. There are all kinds of free courses online today that will help you seem more appealing as a candidate. Do lists these cores on your resume so that recruiters can see that you’re actively trying to improve. 

This is a good time to reach out to a recruiter. Many recruiters are building their candidate pipelines right now, so send your resume out now and get into their databases. As new roles open, you will be already in the pipe and standing by for a call from the recruiter. If you take the time now to build these relationships, when companies begin hiring again, you will be in a much better position to get an interview fast. 

While you may be drawing unemployment currently, there are some benefits to finding a steady job that you simply won’t encounter by staying on the dole: 

    • Work can give your life meaning. It increases your skills while actively contributing to a goal that’s bigger than yourself. 
    • Your unemployment will run out. While the expanded benefits helped many employees, unemployment was never meant to last forever. 
    • A full-time role can provide you with healthcare benefits. If you were laid off, you may have been able to extend your benefits with COBRA, but that is expensive. 
    • Working can help you move up the financial ladder, something that unemployment certainly will not do. 

We Can Help You Find a Job You Love

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