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7 Reasons to Maintain a Good Relationship with Your Recruiter

If you’re trying to find a job, it is critical not only to work with a recruiter to find the best opportunities, but also to have a good relationship with this professional. Recruiters know where the best jobs are, having spent years building relationships with employers. Why should you maintain a relationship with a recruiter, even if you aren’t currently looking for a job? We have seven reasons.  

Why Work with a Recruiter?  

1. You can learn more about your market.

A recruiter is paid to stay on top of the latest things happening in your preferred industry. Not only do they know who’s hiring, they know that trends are affecting your market.  

2. They can help you find the right fit.

If you have a solid relationship with a recruiter, they will know your motivations, skills, and priorities, and will work tirelessly to help you find the right fit. It’s hard to know if a corporate culture is good for your attitudes and beliefs. A recruiter can help you find a place that will feel like home. But it’s critical that they get to know you and your work to maintain the relationship so they can do their job.  

3. Build your network.

Recruiters can connect you with companies and help you build your network. Recruiting teams have extensive networks, and if you’re a part of their network, it can link you to all kinds of opportunities.  

4. Keeps you current.

A recruiter can make suggestions about your resume to help get you noticed. They can suggest changes that help you look more relevant to employers looking for specific skills and experiences.  

5. Give you advice and support.

A recruiter can provide you with personalized career advice. Setting a meeting with a recruiter and then maintaining the relationship over time can help you improve your interview skills. Recruiters can also discuss your career path and give you advice on the best jobs in your industry.  

6. Help you with social media.

Recruiters can help you build your social media networks and advise on how to make the best use of these tools to further your career.  

7. Create new opportunities.

Recruiters have a line on the best jobs—many times before they even open up or are posted in a job ad. A recruiter can stay in touch with you throughout your career, building a long-term relationship that can continue to add value year after year.   

It’s ironic that some employees refuse to take a recruiter’s call. But there is literally no better free resource available for you today to help you find a job. Keep in mind the recruiter’s fee is always paid by an employer, so the help and advice they give you is all free. How could you turn away a helper as networked as a recruiter when all they do all day long is connect to employers and look for opportunities to place you in a job?  

Our Recruiters Are Here For You

If you’re trying to find a job, forming a relationship with a recruiter is the most critical thing you can do to aid your search. Recruiting professionals are standing by to build a relationship with you, the candidate. We can help you find work. Talk to Lingo Staffing today.  


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