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6 Cost-Effective & Meaningful Ways to Show Your Employees Appreciation for the Holidays

This year it probably feels like we have more to be thankful for. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of tension, work disruption, unemployment, and general craziness. Employers should take the time this year to be extra thankful for their employees. We have six low-cost ways to express your gratitude to employees this year.   

#1 Use Personalization  

Your employees want to know that you think of them as individuals, not just production units. Giving personalized gifts during the holidays is a good way to let employees know they matter as people. A low cost but effective way to reach out to employees and thank them this year would be to have your managers hand-write cards to everyone on their team.   

#2 Give a Novelty or Unique Gift   

You could give them a mug with a common saying around the company or a unique piece of art. Managers could be given a small per-person budget, and they could order a department-specific t-shirt or hat. Anything funny but tasteful could be an unusual way to show your thanks.  

#3 Add Some Workplace Improvements  

When people spend a lot of time at work, it can be a little ho-hum. What if you gave your team workspaces a fresh coat of paint or a new look to make employees see their areas with new eyes. For example, you could buy new office chairs for your office team. Or decorate the space with art, plants, or even holiday decorations. You could move people around to rotate their view. Get creative and consider how you can help your workers see things in a new way.   

#4 Give Them a Gift Card  

Most employees have a tight budget during the holidays. If you send them a gift card at work or at home as a surprise, that could give them a boost that could make them smile. It’s a good idea to keep the cards fairly generic, like Amazon, but you could also personalize with cards from their favorite store, a spa treatment, movie passes, a zoom membership, or even gas cards. All of these things could help your employees feel appreciated during the holiday season.  

#5 Cater Food or Buy Them Snacks  

When you’re trying to balance work, home, and holiday shopping, it’s easy to miss meals. Providing your employees with special treats or a catered lunch is relatively inexpensive and a great way to say, “Thank you.” Try treating employees with a hot cocoa bar and cookies on a December afternoon. Or set up boxed lunches they could grab during their lunch hour.   

#6 Host a Potluck   

Potlucks are low-cost but great ways to build team camaraderie. The business could supply the entrée, and your workers could each bring a side dish. You could combine this with an ugly holiday sweater contest and then have everyone vote the winner. Then you could give the winning employee a prize. Make sure you have lots of take-home boxes, so people can take home the leftovers!  

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This year, there are all kinds of ways to give thanks this year. Lingo Staffing is thankful for our clients and candidates. When you’re ready to improve your hiring process, we can help. Call us today!


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