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How to Optimize Your Job Descriptions for COVID-19

The world has changed in ways we probably couldn’t imagine in January of 2020. From social distancing and masks to remote work and sanitation, our workflows around the virus have changed. The light industrial field, like so many others, has changed. For recruiters looking to find talent to keep production going, pay close attention to your job description to pave the way to new employees. Here are some tips to optimize your job descriptions and candidate advertisements in the New Year. 

Add Safety Measures into the Ad 

One big change to expect now and in the future is that potential employees will look in the ad for the safety measures your company is taking to fight COVID-19. Of course, they will look for a salary range and description of responsibilities, but they also want to know:  

  • Are your workers required to keep social distancing? 
  • Have you made changes in scheduling to reduce risk? 
  • Do you supply your employees with PPEs and sanitizing stations? 
  • Are employees tested regularly for the virus? 
  • What other steps have you taken to keep your employees safer? 

Worker safety should be paramount for your employees, but also for candidates. Sharing your COVID-19 safety plan will help candidates understand that you care about your workforce and want to keep them safe. 

Talk About Culture in the Ad 

Culture matters, and talking about it in your candidate marketing materials will help you attract the best candidates. Your ad should mention what it’s like to work in your company and not just describe the job itself. Is it a fun place to work? What is your mission? How long do employees stay with your company? Corporate culture matters today to employees more than ever before. What has your organization done to build a strong, tight-knit team to keep production at its peak? 
How old is the company? These days, knowing that the employer has been around a while is a big attractant for candidates—especially when the economy has been shaky. If you’ve been in business for years, put that in the ad. If you’ve been around two decades, think of all the storms you’ve weathered! 
If your company can provide some flexibility for workers, that is also a good thing to mention during the interview process. Many workers are struggling with childcare as schools force remote learning and daycares close. Does your company shift flexibility? What about overtime options and shift differential? Many employees want to earn extra money after having been laid-off or furloughed.  
What other perks do you offer? Before COVID-19, employers talked about catered lunches or snacks in the breakroom. What other perks are available during COVID-19? What kind of health-related benefits do you offer?  

Share Employee Stories 

On your website and even on the advertisement, consider adding video or getting testimonials from your current employees about what it’s like to work in your business. What makes it a good place to work? Why do employees stick around? Are there benefits to working in your company that they couldn’t find somewhere else?

We Can Help You Find Top Talent

To attract the best candidates, use these tips to optimize your job description. To improve your time to hire, talk to Lingo Staffing to help your business find the employees you need when you need them most. 


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