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We’re Growing! Lingo Staffing has Acquired & Rebranded Flex Team Staffing

In a very tumultuous year, you can count on one thing: The best companies excel despite any challenges. Lingo Staffing recently acquired Flex Team Staffing in Akron to help our company continue its growth and expansion.  

Lingo Staffing Expanding in Northeast Ohio  

Lingo Staffing, a full-service staffing firm with extensive experience and a successful track record in administrative, light industrial, and professional employment, recently acquired Akron-based Flex Team Staffing. Brad Gillespie, CEO of Lingo Staffing, shared, “We’re excited to add the Flex Team locations to our company.”   
The expansion adds a third location to the Lingo Staffing network of offices in the Akron/Canton/Cleveland region of the state. Lingo Staffing now has 10 branch locations with four in the Buckeye State.   
How does this expansion benefit Lingo’s extensive network of skilled laborers and clients in the light industrial, professional, and administrative fields?   

How the Expansion Helped Lingo Staffing Clients  

Despite the challenges of the COVID economy, businesses in the light industrial field struggle to find reliable, experienced talent to serve in their warehouses, offices, construction sites, and other areas. Lingo Staffing’s experience, coupled with expanding their offices, allows these benefits to select a resource with an extensive network of skilled employees. Lingo Staffing has worked in these fields since 2009, building pipelines of candidates while serving clients around the Midwest and up the East Coast. Today, the firm works with hundreds of clients of all sizes, providing full-time, part-time, contract, and temporary workers that get the job done right the first time. Our experience, coupled with a strong network, is what sets us apart.    
Some of the industries served by Lingo Staffing include:  

  • Administrative and clerical  
  • Distribution  
  • Equipment builders  
  • Fabrication  
  • Food manufacturing  
  • Foundry  
  • Machine shops  
  • Maintenance  
  • Metal processing  
  • Plastics  
  • Printing  
  • Rubber  
  • Warehousing   

Whether it’s customer service or a production-driven environment, transportation, and logistics or light industrial, we help our clients improve their time to hire.  
The mission of Lingo Staffing is simple: take care of our employees, and they will take care of our clients:  
“The company is dedicated to providing employees with an honest and effective working environment where every employee, individually and collectively, and providing our clients with exceptional effort, extraordinary service and personal integrity.”  
Lingo Staffing offers a customized solution suited to the individual client. Our all-inclusive pricing structure can cover everything from payroll taxes, benefits, wages, and workers’ compensation to unemployment insurance and administrative costs. While this all-in-one approach may not suit every situation, most clients prefer a turnkey solution to allow our firm to handle every aspect of the employment experience.  

Contact Our Team Today

We know the COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for our clients and job candidates. That’s why Lingo Staffing is dedicated to making finding good help or a good job easier. If you are a job candidate looking for work, we have it. If you are an employer seeking help, we have that, too. We know 2021 will bring a new set of challenges. Talk with our team today to stay better prepared for the New Year.  

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