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Here’s Why Now is the Best Time to Find a Job in a Changed World

A global pandemic has taught us many things about who we are and what matters in the world. Many people were laid off, more people got sick, and we faced a lot of challenges together. But a New Year is here, and it’s time for opportunity and growth in your life and career. Here are some tips on how to plan your career moves for 2021 for a more prosperous approach to your life.  

2021 Offers Opportunities  

As sure as we know that the sun will rise tomorrow, we can safely predict the job market will rebound after COVID-19. For some industries, 2020 was a booming year. For example, any business associated with e-commerce had a good 2020. Transportation, warehousing, pick and pack, and other industries all benefited from the big move to online sales. Other industries struggled, particularly the hospitality field.   
Not every industry can expand, even during a booming economy. However, we believe there are a few things you can do right now to improve your chances as new jobs open in 2021.   

Tips for Improving Your Career Opportunities in 2021  

Since many employees are still working from home, the first step for many of you may be to transform your home office. Maximizing the space that you work in each day will feel like a reset button on the new year. At the beginning of the pandemic, many people started working from their kitchen counters or dining room tables. Some of you may still be there. Since the pandemic seems to be dragging on for a bit longer, why not consider revamping your home to accommodate your workspace? Many workers may not ever transition back to an onsite arrangement, so take time now to settle in for the long haul.  
Make a resolution that you’ll take an online class or two this year to shore up your skills. There are hundreds of classes online these days, and many are even free. Whether you’re learning new skills, brushing up on old ones, or seeking a professional certification, there are all kinds of things you can learn online today.   
One of the most in-demand skills in the coming years will likely be technology related. Technology skills are hot, so whether you’re leaving software development from a boot camp or picking up training on a new type of software, it’s worth the time it takes to add these skills to your resume. Some of the benefits of online training include:   

  • Advancing your current role by showing your employer that you are eager to move your career forward.  
  • Becoming a candidate for an advanced career either in or outside your current company.   
  • Remaining relevant in your current industry by keeping on top of any changes that occur.  

Once you’ve completed new course work, it’s a good idea to show it off on your resume. Keeping your resume up-to-date keeps you prepared for a changing industry and world. While this seems like an obvious tip, you would be amazed by the number of people that either don’t have a resume or don’t have one that is up-to-date.  

Lingo Staffing is Here to Help

2021 has opened on a changed world. Staying prepared for the job market is an important step toward landing the kind of opportunity you’ve been dreaming about. Lingo Staffing has jobs available now in a variety of categories. Start the conversation today to just start your career.  

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