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How to Support Your Employees to Help Them Reach Their Goals This Year

Goals drive productivity and increase employee engagement as long as there is buy-in around what you’re trying to achieve. It’s the adage of “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.” If your employees don’t buy-in to the goals you’ve set for them, they probably won’t achieve them. How can employers encourage goal-setting throughout their organization? Then how can companies support their workers in reaching those goals?   

Start with Employee Buy-in  

Goal setting should be a shared process between managers and employees. Goals set from the top down with no employee input will inevitably fail. Instead, work closely with managers to make sure the entire organization understands why setting goals is important. What is the company strategy and goals, and how can employees contribute? How does the employee goal contribute to the overall goal of the organization? How will everyone benefit from the shared goal?    

Talk about the Goals  

When was the last time you asked your employee what goals matter to them? Working with your employee to set goals is just the first step, though. Managers should be trained to meet with employees regularly to discuss their goals and how they’re moving toward them. What hurdles are stopping the worker from reaching their goals? Engage your workers in the overall success of the organization and talk about progress toward that finish line. Some great questions to ask your staff include:   

  • How far have you come toward your goal?  
  • Where do you think you should improve?  
  • What steps are necessary to get closer to your goal?  
  • What could stop you from reaching your next goal?  
  • How can you overcome any hurdles in front of meeting your goals?  
  • How can I help you get closer to your goals?  

Hold your employee accountable by setting goals with their input and talk with them about why they’re not meeting incremental goals. Instead of being negative, ask how you, as the manager, can help the employee get where they need to be. If you can create a sense that you and the employee are in this together, it will build a sense of trust between you and your worker.  

Break the Goals Down into Manageable Sizes  

Once you have an overarching goal, it’s a good idea to break it down into bite-sized chunks that the employee can hit in increments. This will keep them motivated each month or quarter to keep plugging away toward the ultimate achievement at the end of the year. One big hairy audacious goal may seem unachievable. Look at that monster goal and then break it into manageable, achievable small goals.   

Reward, Praise, and Encourage   

Lead by rewarding workers when they achieve these smaller goals. Consider financial incentives or other fun rewards that will keep employees engaged and motivated. Celebrate even the small wins by recognizing people publicly. Say “Good job!” more than you punish, and you’ll find employees are more motivated. Positive reinforcement at every step toward the goal will eventually help you achieve it.  

Our Team is Here to Help

You can help your employee achieve their goals. How do we know? Lingo Staffing is in the business of helping companies meeting their hiring goals. We work side-by-side with our clients to help them establish the hiring metrics that matter—and then we work tirelessly to hit the numbers. Contact us to find out more. 

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