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Get Ahead with These 7 Light Industrial Skills This Year

Light industrial is predicted to bounce back this year, having overcome some of the COVID-19 supply chain problems when saw at the beginning of the pandemic. From manufacturers to pick and pack for e-commerce, U.S. companies appear to be moving forward toward a brighter 2021. As a potential employee in this industry, you might be wondering what some of the most in-demand jobs will be, as well as the skills you’ll need to get hired. We have answers that will put you to work in 2021.

7 Best Skills for Light Industrial in 2021

1. Technical skills

Software developers are in-demand in just about every field, including light industrial. If you’re not a developer, don’t worry, your technical skills could still help you land a position in administration or even in management. Having basic word processing or Excel knowledge could help you move your career forward. Maintenance techs, in particular, need some technical aptitude, even if they enter the job as an apprentice. Fabrication, cutting, and welding are also in-demand along with the ability to read blueprints or schematics. Finally, do you know or can you learn to drive a forklift? That’s a skill that’s in-demand right now.

2. Time management

Time management skills can make any light industrial worker stand out. Companies are currently hiring for warehouse and fulfillment and those workers that understand how to multi-task and are self-directed have great skills that can set them apart from everyone else. Too, even industrial cleaning jobs require the ability to manage your tasks in a way that benefits the company.

3. Continuous learning

Having the desire to learn means you have the desire and ability to learn what you need to know to work your way up the chain. Most companies look to hire and then promote from within as a way to retain their best workers longer. If your resume has certification or classes that you’ve been taking (even if they’re online free classes for no credit) we want to hear about it—and so will employers in the light industrial sector.

4. Teamwork

Every business wants a team player. Getting work done these days is about working well with everyone around you to reach a common goal. We’ve found team players are more often promoted up the ranks in companies. Even if you end up working alone, there are plenty of ways that can show management that you are part of a team.

5. Critical thinking and decision making

Having critical thinking and decision-making skills can help light industrials improve team safety while increasing the productivity of the team. Knowing how to solve problems quickly while weighing all of the variables may soul like a soft skill but it has a hard impact on any industrial business.

6. Work ethic

If you’re not ready to work hard, a production-driven environment may not be best suited for your temperament. Showing up to work on time ready to get the job done may not sound like a skill you need to worry about, but every light industrial job that’s hiring today would place these characteristics at the top of their job requirement.

7. Good listening skills

Listening more than you talk, at least at first, is a solid skill to bring to an assembly or production job. Hearing what is required as you put together the parts of a manufactured item by hand or with tools, will help you fulfill job requirements and quickly get up to speed on your production goals. If you have good listening skills you can also fulfill quality and safety goals.

We Can Help You Get Ahead This Year

If you have these skills, talk to Lingo Staffing. We’d like to put you to work.

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