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10 Ways to Entice Candidates to Apply for Your Open Jobs

It’s a candidate’s market again. Suddenly, employers are left hunting for candidates. Jobs are going unfilled. It’s a huge dilemma for employers seeking to attract top talent. Fortunately, we have 10 key things you can do right now to improve the odds that you’ll have qualified candidates knocking on your door.

1. Increase your wages.

This may be obvious, but having better wages than your competition will matter to candidates seeking the best opportunities they can find. It’s tough for small employers when big retailers like Target or Amazon have upped their incoming hourly wages at $15 or more. But in this market, there is simply no other way to bring in more warm bodies to do the job.

2. Improve your application process.

When was the last time you tried applying for a job at your company? Today you must make it as easy as possible to apply for your job. If the end-user experience is a bad one, chances are candidates will stop trying and go somewhere else. Pro tip: Make sure the application process is mobile-friendly because more candidates these days are applying on their cell phones.

3. Use social media to build your brand image.

If candidates keep seeing your name in their news feed, they’re going to start to get the message. Try writing about topics that matter to your job seekers. Give them tips on what it’s like to work in your type of job. Teach them how to ace an interview.

4. Make your website candidate-friendly.

When was the last time you looked at your careers page? Does it reflect your company in a good light? Do you have pictures of the work environment and of real employees on the job? Do you have your mission and core values on the site, so candidates see what you stand for?

5. Use employee testimonials.

You can use video or a written testimonial from employees to entice other candidates to apply. Candidates want to know what it’s like to work at your company. The best way to do that is to have your employees become your job ambassador.

6. Improve your social reviews.

Sites like Glassdoor and Indeed have a section where current and former employees can rate your company. Have you taken a look lately to see what people are saying about working at your company? HR should regularly ask employees if they would be willing to rate what it’s like to work at your company. Your goal is to have solid ratings that reflect a good work environment.

7. Write a compelling ad.

Make sure your ad reflects company culture and shares why a new employee would want to come work for you. Once you revamp your hourly compensation, make sure you put it out there in the ad. Talk about benefits and perks, too.

8. Start an employee referral program.

If your employees are talking up your company to their friends, you will get more applicants. Put a financial incentive out there for employees who are willing to refer candidates. It’s a win for you, the employee, and the candidate.

9. Revise your hiring process.

We know that hiring takes time, but if it takes too long to go from the first interview to the last one, word will get out and candidates will stop applying. Improve the hiring process for candidates and you will create a better experience for everyone involved.

10. Work with a staffing agency.

A staffing agency like Lingo Staffing can help you find the best candidates available in any market.

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