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Don’t Dangle the Carrot: Give Job Seekers What They Want!

Here’s the reality of today’s job market: If you don’t give job seekers what they want, they will move on to another opportunity. You’ve heard about the Great Resignation, where four million Americans quit their jobs in July 2021? In April, the number of employees who quit broke all known records. The Atlantic says, “Quits…are rising in almost every industry.” Positions are going unfilled and companies are reconsidering the salary and benefits packages they’re offering to employees. They better—and soon. Employers need to offer these things to attract their workforce and retain their current employees. Here’s what employees need and what you, as the employer should do to give them what they want.

Why You Need to Give Better Benefits Right Away

Making your employees wait for 30-days to receive benefits isn’t the incentive your job seekers once. Candidates want the instant gratification of full benefits, incentives, and other “carrots,” and they don’t want to wait for it, either. Offering great pay and benefits from the start will help you attract a better caliber of talent and keep them on board longer.
Your employees are looking to you to provide both a good salary but also to meet their personal and professional needs. If you can fulfill these needs you will have:

  • A motivated and happy team.
  • Better employee retention.
  • A healthier workforce that calls of sick less.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Better service for your customers.
  • Better customer and employee reviews.

This will also help you attract new job seekers, potentially stealing top talent away from your competitors. But what is it that today’s workforce really wants, anyway? Indeed surveyed workers to find out and they came up with 13 key demands:

  1. Fair and equitable wages. This includes current employees that take on more job responsibilities and want a raise and promotion.
  2. An emphasis on health and wellness across the company. Workers want work/life balance and good benefits that promote it.
  3. Job security is something that most employees count on—and they build their lives around it.
  4. Career growth is motivating and keeps your workforce engaged in their job. It will also attract ambitious candidates to your organization.
  5. Regular feedback on their job performance. Giving employees honest feedback is something that validates their work and helps them learn.
  6. Belonging in a cohesive team makes your workforce feel like they’re part of something greater than themselves.
  7. Balance between work and family life. Employers that offer a solid PTO policy immediately upon hire along with flexible or remote work options are attractive to most employees and job seekers.
  8. Recognition and appreciation, particularly in front of their peers. Public recognition by managers is a great way to motivate teams.
  9. A purpose. Employees want to know they’re providing a meaningful service above and beyond generating a profit. This will also be a selling point for job seekers.
  10. Strong leaders that they believe it. Many employees still leave their jobs because of a conflict with their direct supervisors. Make sure this doesn’t happen on your teams.
  11. Responsibility, not micro-management. Give employees the freedom to solve problems and complete tasks on their own. This will in turn increase their motivation and innovation.
  12. Goal setting is a huge part of motivating your workforce. Your employees want to feel like they’ve accomplished something so work with them to set metrics they can achieve.
  13. You can demonstrate this by acting on employee feedback and acknowledging their suggestions.

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