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Pros & Cons of Using Technology in Recruiting

Technology keeps changing and evolving. There are myriad tools out there to help companies find and hire great talent in the recruiting world. According to Human Resources Today, more than 86% of recruiters say they use applicant tracking systems (ATS) or other types of recruiting platforms. Staffing agencies use these tools to their advantage. It gives them the edge over smaller companies that can’t afford these tools. If you’re one of these companies, what are the tools you’re missing out on? How can a firm like Lingo Staffing help you compete for candidates in a historically tight labor market?

Benefits of Modern Recruiting Technology

Many recruiters can remember the days of manually tracking candidates on an Excel spreadsheet. Recruiting technology has evolved to use artificial intelligence (AI) to make candidate searches a lot smarter and to automate the majority of mundane busywork tasks that slow you down. AI recruiting software in the form of ATS platforms can post job openings across multiple job boards. They have a keyword search that allows recruiters to quickly find the best candidates to fit job requirements. They can grade applicants and generally help you sift through databases to find a better match fast. Then these tools can automate candidate touchpoints, sending out emails and texts to keep candidates aware of where they are in the process.
How could this benefit your business? Modern recruiting technology can:

Save Time and Money

Save you time and money on hiring with the latest tech. When the software cuts out routine tasks, it allows your hiring team to focus on the candidate search instead of being bothered with busy work. It makes the recruiting process faster, which increases the productivity of your business.

Increase Efficiency

Increase your efficiency during the hiring effort via AI and technology. You can use these tools to cut the length of time it takes to hire someone. Recruiting software can cull through a database quickly, in machine time, all based on an intelligent query. Over several searches, AI features can allow the machine to work smarter, giving you an edge in the hiring process.

Boost Applicant Engagement

You can use recruiting technology to increase applicant engagement. You can schedule multiple emails or texts to go out automatically based on the stage of the candidate in the hiring process. There are also AI chatbots that can engage with a potential candidate right upfront during the initial screening process to automate basic qualifying questions in a way that keeps the candidate “on the hook.”

Help Your Organization Work Smart

Recruiting technology today is designed to streamline processes and automate basic functions that tie up your hiring team.

Contact Lingo Staffing Today

If your organization doesn’t currently have access to these modern tools, that’s where Lingo Staffing can help. Working with our team also brings along all of the modern technologies your recruiting process has been missing. Talk with our team to find out more about how we can help your business.

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