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How to Find Candidates for Semi-Skilled Jobs

Semi-skilled workers play an important but understated role in the typical manufacturing company. According to Chron, semi-skilled workers learn their work in about three to six months. They usually have some certification or a few courses under their belts. The problem for manufacturers is that they often don’t have the time to train this important workforce. Not only is training an issue but just finding these workers has become increasingly difficult. It’s a candidate-driven market now, and most employers are seeking out the help of a staffing agency to help them meet their goals.
Here are some tips for finding candidates for semi-skilled jobs.

Understanding Your Audience: Semi-Skilled Workers

The class of workers between unskilled and skilled is the semi-skilled laborer. These employees do not have higher education degrees, but they do have a certain level of job skills that you need. A truck driver or a forklift operator would be considered semi-skilled. An office assistant or an inventory taker would be semi-skilled. These employees may have certifications, and they certainly have job experiences that may qualify them. They may have a high school degree or a GED. Where do you find these in-betweeners to help fit your hiring needs?

How to Find Semi-Skilled Job Candidates?

If you’re targeting a particular type of semi-skilled worker who typically has some kind of certification in hand, you are in luck. Connecting with an organization that supplies these certification programs means that you will have access to a ready-made talent base.

Participate in Job Fairs.

You’ll find these career fairs are often sponsored by high schools, vocational institutions, and colleges. Some Chamber of Commerce organizations have job fairs and other civic organizations. You can even host a virtual or live on-site job fair for your company.

Consider Opening an Apprenticeship for the Younger Workforce

In the 80s, there were hundreds of apprenticeship programs in the manufacturing world, but these programs were scrapped over the past few decades. It’s time to bring these programs back to help your organization funnel in a steady stream of workers earning your business.
Also, push hard for your own employee referral program. Talk to your workforce about bringing in their friends and family members. Consider rewarding referrals with a cash incentive to sweeten the deal. Keep bringing these programs up to continue their visibilibility.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

If your marketing team isn’t taking advantage of the full company advertising opportunities on social media, they are missing the boat. Your recruiting team will benefit from the added visibility these daily noisemakers will bring. Keeping one finger in the social media stream will help you spread awareness of any open jobs for semi-skilled workers at your company.

Contact Lingo Staffing Today!

Finally, consider a partnership with Lingo Staffing. Not only do we have a readymade network of semi-skilled talent, but we can also help train these workers to be job-ready from day one. If you’re looking for semi-skilled workers, look no further than Lingo Staffing. Contact us to find out more.

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