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Lingo Staffing: Your Powerhouse Recruiting Partner

If you’re having trouble finding job candidates, you are certainly in good company. Over half of small companies say it’s been hard to discover new talent in the past year. While there has been plenty of job growth, finding the workers to fill these roles has become more than a full-time job. This is exactly why companies turn to recruiting firms like Lingo Staffing. Here’s how we can help your business meet its hiring needs.

Benefits of Working with a Staffing Company

Passive Talent

There is a hidden pool of talent that your company probably isn’t reaching. We’re talking about passive candidates, those workers who haven’t actively started searching for a job but who are open to talking to you about what you’re offering. If you don’t spend all day “cold calling” these candidates and lack the tools that inform you of who they are, you will miss a significant portion of a highly skilled labor pool. Most HR teams say they simply don’t have the time to pursue these candidates. Lingo Staffing teams spend every day reaching out to these potential hires, building relationships, and hiring.

Candidate Networks

Imagine the network of talent your human resource team could build if they only did one thing—build relationships with job seekers. Most HR teams are pulled in many directions, from onboarding to payroll to employee evaluations. But firms like Lingo Staffing spend each day thoughtfully building robust networks of job-specific candidates who are standing by to go to work for you. We have a database filled with thousands of potential job seekers that we’ve been building for years. This networking effort also attracts a lot of high-quality candidates. Job seekers know they can count on us to give them meaningful work. It’s a huge advantage for any employer with a lot of jobs to fill.

Faster, Better Hires

How much easier would it be for your company if you had a partner to pre-screen your job candidates? Lingo Staffing recruiters are trained to ask the best behavioral questions to suit your job requirements. We go beyond the basics of skills, experience, and compensation to ferret out candidate motivation and culture fit. It’s critical to ensure the hire is a good fit for your organization. This effort helps our clients retain the staff we hire much longer on average than job seekers who simply apply to the company online. It also speeds up your time to hire.
The most challenging pieces of recruiting today are sourcing (finding) candidates and retaining the candidates long enough actually to put them to work. For these two reasons alone, it makes the most sense to use a staffing firm. Lingo Staffing eliminates the cost of sourcing, screening, and placing candidates. If you don’t have a significant recruiting infrastructure or your hiring team can’t keep up with demand, we offer a partnership that literally pays for itself.

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