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Labor Ghost Town: Where Are All the Candidates?

The lack of talent is downright frightening. But a lot of people are scratching their heads about where all the talent went. It’s not a good mystery at all and one that’s causing some terror in hiring managers, especially as we enter the busy holiday season. At the same time, you must find a way to build a strong infrastructure with the right people to support your business. What can you do to make sure your labor force isn’t a ghost town this year?

The Talent Mystery—Where is Everyone?

America’s labor shortage wasn’t caused by one event, although COVID became the lit fuse for what we know as The Great Resignation, where, in one year alone, more than 47 million workers quit their jobs. However, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce suggests the trend should really be called The Great Reshuffle, because those quitters mostly ended up in another job somewhere else. They point out that some of the most highly impacted industries during the COVID crisis ended up hiring more people even as current employees slipped out their doors. They point out:

  • The leisure and hospitality field lost 833,000 workers in July 2022. But that same month, 1.1 million new people were hiring into the field.
  • Transportation, healthcare, and the social assistance sectors have kept relatively low resignation rates even as The Great Resignation raged on.
  • Industries such as manufacturing lost jobs during COVID and now that the field is picking back up, they’ve found it harder to attract talent back.
  • 91% of the workforce say they want to work remotely.

Forbes points out the fact that many two-parent households were forced to pare down to one job to stay home with kids during COVID lockdowns. Now that kids are back in school some stay-at-home parents picked up remote jobs and decided not to go back—or they simply didn’t go back to any job. Too, some Baby Boomers took early retirement; around three million of them decided to ghost the work world, never to return.
All of these factors are playing a role right now in the light industrial sector. How can you take steps to shore up your workforce for the busy season. 

What’s Your Secret Weapon for the Busy Season?

Lingo Staffing is your secret weapon for Q3 and Q4—and beyond. We help our clients stay agile during times of great upheaval by providing a steady stream of talent. Warehouses, distribution centers, and third-party logistics companies know they need labor and they turn to Lingo Staffing because we offer:

  • Access to the best search and hire tools in the industry.
  • Strong exposure on all major job boards.
  • Hours upon hours of dedicated candidate sourcing; a proactive approach to recruiting that will keep your talent pipeline full.

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