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5 Ways to Increase Your Warehouse Staff in Time for the Holiday Rush

Things can quickly fall apart if you can’t find the staff you need during the holidays. If you’re struggling, you’re not alone; 73% of warehouse operators can’t find enough employees to fill the workload. But there are ways you can beat these trends by staffing up during the holiday rush season. Here’s how to do it.

Staff Up Now

You need a longer lead time now to find staff. Waiting to look for candidates almost certainly ensures you will not find them in time for the holiday rush. While you don’t want to over-hire, you do want to fill all of the positions you need. Over-hiring means you’ll cut back on key players on your team, which shortens their check right around the holidays.


Be Honest About The Job

Let the candidates know the realities of the work you need. If the hours are inconsistent, but the pay differential makes up for it, talk about that during the interview. Maybe you’ll feel pressure to find more overnight shift workers close to Christmas. No matter the environment, be honest with candidates and work with them. Many of these candidates will work for you as a second job to help with supplemental income. If you’re candid about what you need, they may be able to give you even more hours as the holiday gets closer.


Figure Out What Happens After The Holiday

How many of these seasonal workers would you like to keep? Seasonal workers are great for staffing up during busy times and then cutting back after it’s over. But if the work is steady, do you want the option of keeping these valuable, already-trained workers? Many seasonal workers may want the option of going full-time, which is potentially a win for everyone involved. Could you bring on more job candidates this Christmas if you know you will be able to keep some of them on and make them full-time? It’s an attractive incentive for the right kind of job candidate.


Bring Back Last Year’s Temporary Warehouse Workers

Many employers fail to nurture these temporary worker relationships. But if you keep in contact with your best holiday employees, you can and should reach out to them first to let them know you’ve held a spot for them this year. Start with a call, email, or a text to let them know you’ve got roles open and are paying holiday cash if they want to return.


Work With Lingo Staffing

The experienced recruiting team at Lingo Staffing has been building our candidate pool for years. We keep in touch with candidates and repeatedly place them in temporary positions. Our customers know we can be trusted to supply them with a steady stream of vetted, qualified job candidates.

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