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Get Cash Fast for the Holidays with Jobs from Lingo Staffing

Since COVID, warehouse jobs have soared in popularity. That’s because consumers shifted their buying patterns to online shopping during the pandemic. For job seekers this holiday season, the best jobs are in the warehouses and not on the retail floor. How can a warehouse position with Lingo Staffing help you land some fast cash for the holidays?

Immediate Cash? Actually, Yes

If the kids have an extensive list for Santa, it can wreck your budget. In 2021, most families spent an average of $1,131 during the holidays. Consumers regularly charge up to 65% of their holiday expenses, and one-third charged all of them on a credit card. Most were still paying those debts off four months later—and we’re sure some took longer.

While we’re not here to lecture you about holiday spending, we can tell you there is one great way to grab the immediate cash you need (that’s not on a credit card cash advance). You can earn extra money right now by working with Lingo Staffing to take on a temporary job. This kind of seasonal work may get a bad rap, but the reality is you can often land an immediate placement because employers affected by holiday demand need help—yesterday. Lingo Staffing is your conduit to these seasonal jobs.

What Kind of Jobs?

Think about the holiday season. Who gets really busy? Warehouses. Order fulfillment is a huge part of e-commerce, so you can go to work right away in everything from administration to order fulfillment, forklift operator, to general labor. These jobs typically pay $15 an hour or more and they offer flexible scheduling so you can work around the kids or another job. If you work receiving you may make even closer to $20 an hour. Of course, this depends on the job, the location, and your needs, so talk with your Lingo Staffing recruiter about what you’re looking for. The chances are high that we have it.

There are also seasonal manufacturing jobs. These roles typically work on an assembly line, and they come with free training, great pay, and sometimes even temp-to-hire if you like the work. If you’re good with your hand, you might take a night furniture assembly job, doing the work of Santa to put together items to go under the tree, while earning the money for gifts to go under your own.

Happy Holidays with Lingo Staffing

Finding a job is time-consuming. If you’re searching for a flexible, part-time, seasonal position that offers hours that fit your schedule, Lingo Staffing can connect you to the right opportunity. We work with some of the best employers in the Richmond area and can save you the time of having to apply. Many of these jobs will hire on the spot, train you, and offer weekly pay. With the holidays upon us, we’d like to encourage you to consider picking up a seasonal job to cover all of Santa’s expenses—and start the year with a little less debt holding you back.

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