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Here Are the Upcoming Industries You’ll Want to Break Into in 2023

What a wild few years it’s been for the labor market. We’ve lived through COVID-induced layoffs on one end to The Great Resignation on the other. The job market boomed thanks to a labor shortage where there were regularly 10 million more jobs open than candidates available. Then the layoffs hit this year in the tech industry. It was a wake-up call to many of us in the labor force, leaving us wondering if tech workers can get laid off and what’s next for the rest of this. All of this as inflation rises and talk of a recession looms.

Most job candidates these days look for stability, a living wage, and good working conditions. If you’re looking for your next opportunity, which industries will fit these requirements? We looked at some of the predictions for next year. Here’s a list of three industries that seem relatively stable for 2023.

1. IT

Despite the recent layoffs, IT is still booming. Information Week laments the talent shortage for 2023, stating that “Global tech spending will rise, hitting $4.8 trillion in 2023.” They call it a “talent recession” in tech, pointing out the reality that there are more than enough jobs to go around if you have tech skills. Jobs in tech security, data, and some of the newer technologies, like AI and robotics, are still hot. It seems like, even in a recession, we still need our digital tools and the staff behind the scenes to keep them going.

2. Healthcare

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says the healthcare field will grow by 13% in 2023 and beyond, which is faster than most industries. Not only is this faster than most other fields, but predictions say more than two million jobs will pop up between now and 2031. When we say “healthcare,” we don’t mean you need to be a doctor to land a secure, well-paying job in this field. One of the fastest growing roles in healthcare is home health and personal care aide positions. These positions require patience but often train on the job as you travel to group homes or individual homes to help out the elderly and infirm with basic tasks. There are also online certifications that can get you started. But that’s just one example of the meaningful work you can find in healthcare. Just look at your local hospital’s career page, and you will find a variety of positions from housekeeping to cafeteria and so much more.

3. Light Industrial and Manufacturing

Another area expected to grow in 2023 is light industrial and manufacturing. These are two separate job areas that are lumped together in industry predictions. Light industrial can include everything from working on an assembly line to operating a forklift in a warehouse. Manufacturing jobs like machine operators and welders require similar skills. A new study shows that 2.1 million of these jobs could remain unfilled by 2030. Like IT, manufacturing is an infrastructure type job category. The country still depends on these roles, which is good news for job candidates trying to break into this sector.

Perhaps ironically, 1.4 million of these roles were lost during the pandemic. But the industry bounced back with a vengeance. The study indicated that manufacturers say it’s nearly 40% harder to find candidates now than it was when the pandemic started. This is good news for job candidates because there are literally hundreds of well-paying entry-level (and higher) positions waiting in this field.

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