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Looking Back: Staffing Lessons Learned Since 2020

If you’ve felt like you’ve been living in a labor ghost town, you’re not alone. More than 47 million people have quit their jobs since COVID. But there is still a massive labor shortage when it comes to finding talent. By the end of November 2022, there were more than 10 million open jobs, with everyone competing for the same people.

These are just a few of the trends affecting us since COVID. How have these and other changes affected your ability to find talent? How are staffing companies copies in the era of the Great Resignation? Here are some of the talent acquisition lessons we’ve learned since 2020.

What Are the Staffing Trends Since COVID?

Sometimes preparing for the future requires looking back at the past. The last two years have been a bumpy ride if your goal is to always be prepared for the ups and downs of the market economy and labor force. In the staffing industry, we’ve been challenged by massive turnover at most companies we serve, in addition to talent shortages. These are just two of the trends affecting our work in 2023. You can also expect:

  • Remote Work will continue to be the most desirable employment arrangement. While this is difficult, if not impossible, to pull off in the light industrial staffing field, it will impact job candidates who consider new careers that aren’t onsite. CNBC says every company needs to pay attention to this trend because employees have the power until we have fewer jobs available. CNBC even suggests that you’ll lose a considerable portion of your workforce if you don’t have flexible work arrangements.
  • Online interviews are here to stay. It’s hard to believe we interviewed primarily onsite just two years ago. Now, we save a lot of time and money by interviewing online. But this trend challenged companies to adapt their interview styles to fit this new format. Today, most of us are used to video conference meetings, but it’s still a relatively new trend that we’ll see a lot more of in the future.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion are even more important than ever before. Not only are your DEI initiatives the right thing to do, 70% of job candidates say they consider a company’s efforts in this area before accepting a job. Interestingly, studies show companies with a diverse workforce are also more productive, but that’s icing on the DEI cake if you’re trying to find talent. The point here is that diversity initiatives are not only the right thing to do in a company, but since COVID, these policies play a significant role in attracting job candidates. 

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