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5 Changes You Can Make to Your Company Culture for the Better

Company culture matters. Deloitte says 94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a positive corporate culture is important to overall success. One study showed 77% of job seekers look at company culture before considering accepting an offer. Another 56% said culture was more important than salary for job satisfaction. For companies seeking to attract and retain new skilled workers, this blog will give you five ways you can impact your company culture for the better.

5 Positive Changes to Company Culture

1. Encourage open communication. First, start with changing how you communicate. Open communication creates an environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and beliefs. Teach managers to actively listen and create a transparent workforce where ideas, feedback, and continuous improvement are the norm.

2. Promote inclusivity and diversity. The studies show that 70% of job seekers look closely at a company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion before taking a position. If you make the effort to create a culture that values and respects differences in people, backgrounds, and perspectives, you will attract some of these job seekers to your organization.

3. Invest in professional development. Harvard Business Review calls it the “new talent market.” Since COVID, employees have been more open about their search for meaning and the desire to make something of themselves and their careers. It took a global pandemic for job candidates to look closely at the opportunities you offer for employees to grow in their jobs. But it’s forever changed what potential job candidates view as important. This means if you are an employer, you must invest in training and career development opportunities for your workforce to grow and advance within your company.

4. Encourage work/life balance. According to Entrepreneur, “The GenX workforce is big on balance, embracing remote work trends and using PTO for family and work.” Employers must change their culture to support a balance between the sometimes-competing interests of work and home. But it’s not just GenX. Fortune reports, “Every generation wants better work-life balance, GenZers are more vocal about their needs.” These trends led to the Great Resignation and a more gun-shy workforce that looks for a company culture that fulfills these needs. As an employer, to attract this talent, you must prioritize the well-being of your employees by encouraging them to:

  • Take more time off
  • Have flexible schedules
  • Maintain a healthy distance from work

5. Teach managers to lead by example. When it comes to culture, change doesn’t come overnight. So, organizations must first start by changing how their managers behave. Managers and supervisors can be role models for the kind of culture you want to create by embodying the values and behaviors you want to see in your employees.

You can also make these cultural changes by hiring new employees who exhibit the soft skills you want to build across your organization. That’s where Lingo Staffing can help.

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