certifications_hm-pgThinking about a way to boost your career options or salary? A professional certification, trade certification, or professional designation might be just the ticket to a higher salary, more credibility, and more open doors for future opportunities.

A certification shows a potential employer you:

  1. Commit to an aggregate of performance standards
  2. Completed a body of coursework and passed examination
  3. Added specialized skills that meet particular needs, as could be required by law or membership standards
  4. Stand out from peers who have not acquired certifications
  5. Impose less of a liability to hire
  6. Need less of a training investment and offer more likelihood of longevity in the position

3 Categories of Certifications

Corporate certifications show achievement in internal processes, such as proprietary software or understanding of procedures. They possess no benefit outside of the firm.

Product certifications can be awarded by corporations, too, but they are product-specific and tend to be technological in nature such as a Microsoft or Adobe certification. These are transferable to any company that utilizes the product for which you are certified.

The third category is a professional certification or an advanced professional certification. Best of all, this certification is portable—no matter where you live or work.

A professional certification can be awarded either by universities or governing bodies, such as the Center for Disease Control, American Management Association, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED), Certified Public Accountant, or Chartered Financial Analyst.

What kind of certification do you need?

It depends on your career goals.

Many choices of certifications are available to meet your interests, budget, schedule, and locale. Examples are Project Management Professional (PMP), Training and Instructional Design, Certified Fitness Trainer, and Clinical Research Associate. Check your local library for a copy of the Certification and Accreditation Program Directory.

A nice perk of gaining some certifications includes not having to leave home as many certification programs are available online and convenient to your study schedule. Plus, most cost less than a degree program and require a shorter duration of study.

Perhaps the best bonus of all is the boost a certificate provides to your salary. Sources across the Web agree on an increase from 12 to 20 percent in base salary. And you may find more opportunities open to you as organizations place higher and higher value on certifications.

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