work_relationships_hm-pgWe all want to do well in life, whether at home, work or play. But whether introvert or extrovert, developing those relationships that help us feel happy and successful is not always easy. When we consider how much of our time is spent at work every day, and how much our paychecks may depend on our performance, it is helpful to know how to make the most of our personal connections at work.

Below are five practical tips to keep in mind

  1. Treat others the way you wish to be treated—with respect, honesty and courtesy. If you can be consistent in applying the Golden Rule, you are halfway there.
  2. Give credit and recognition, especially when you work in a team environment or on a team project. This aligns with the first rule, but it not only earns you respect, but it also shows your leadership abilities. No one is an island, and everyone’s effort moves a group—or a company—forward.
  3. Improve listening skills. (In fact, use all your emotional intelligence skills.) Take the time to focus on what the person is saying and possibly not saying. Active listening ability is a practiced talent, and there’s little else that someone will appreciate more than really being heard. Listening shows value, and many people lack the capability to show value to another person.
  4. Avoid the negative, particularly gossiping. Staying positive is so difficult to do. People are much too willing to share rumors or negative thoughts about their coworkers. Don’t join those conversations, as those who gossip, won’t hold back from talking about you either. Rise above the petty and small-mindedness of those who want to “look” big and set a better example.
  5. Establish consistent boundaries. This tip goes hand-in- hand with all those above. Let your boundaries be known, in a firm, professional manner. If others know no means no and yes means yes, not only will they accept where you stand, they will also come to respect your integrity.

Great work relationships often turn into great friendships that last a lifetime. Isn’t it worth putting time and effort into both professional and personal relationships?

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