hot-jobsThe beginning of Spring and new life naturally leads to some self-assessment. Maybe that includes a new career or redefining a current one. Either way, there are three helpful ways to launch that new goal.

Search reports and news articles, online and in print, to discover current hot jobs, as well as predictions for the future

For example, some recent reports indicate the following areas as “hot” in 2017

  • Engineering and Information Technology
  • Accounting, Finance, and Office Administration, including HR
  • Life Sciences, incl. Non-Clinical Healthcare
  • Manufacturing and Logistics

Some specific “hot job” titles include warehouse manager, pharmacist, financial analyst, clinical research associate, data engineer, and product manager.

Once you’ve decided on a path, geography becomes the logical question. It is possible to add telecommuting or working from home to the list of requirements as a trend is occurring, but don’t count on that being the case. Considering geography leads us to the next step.

Query the Internet for the area you currently work or would like to work (including potential relocation)

With this type of search, you will gather information from aggregate job sites or even specialized job boards. This data can assist you to narrow the parameters. Are employers looking for your career choice in your vicinity? What are your odds of securing a position in your new or chosen field? Maybe you will even consider applying for one or more of the jobs on these sites.

Finally – your best move – connect with a premier staffing agency

Once you have narrowed your choice and your geography, locate and connect with the best staffing agency serving that area. A staffing firm works for both candidates and clients and most likely has job listings that are not on public job boards.

An experienced, reputable staffing firm, such as Lingo Staffing, can help find you a position that best matches your present and future goals and fits your personality. Often, their connections provide some of the best pay too!

About Lingo Staffing

Lingo is a full service staffing firm dedicated to providing top quality services to its clients and it’s candidate pool. With extensive knowledge and experience in light industrial, administrative, and professional employment, Lingo encompasses the capabilities and resources necessary to help you get ahead.

Whether you are looking for a temporary or full-time position, Lingo can find you the right assignment based on your skills and experience. Depending on your qualifications, we can put you to work in a variety of excellent long and short-term assignments, including temp-to- hire and direct-hire.

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