Don’t Dangle the Carrot: Give Job Seekers What They Want!

Here’s the reality of today’s job market: If you don’t give job seekers what they want, they will move on to another opportunity. You’ve heard about the Great Resignation, where four million Americans quit their jobs in July 2021? In April, the number of employees who quit broke all known records. The Atlantic says, “Quits…are [...]

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Traditional Interviewing is Over. Here’s How Your Company Can Adapt

These days, if your hiring process doesn’t move quickly, you’ll lose the candidate to someone else. Traditional interviewing is in the past. Candidates want to interview today and start the job tomorrow. If you wait a week before they start, they might find something else. That’s just the reality of today’s candidate-driven job markets. How [...]

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Open-Door Management: The Benefits and How-To

“Just the act of listening means more than you can imagine to most employees.”      - Bob Nelson Business success originates at the top of the food chain with leaders who consider their workforce as a pivotal asset, without which, company goals could not be met or exceeded. Management must continually refine and update company [...]

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Getting the Most from Your Summer Temps

Summer often brings multiple requests from staff for their earned vacation time. If summer is also your peak time, the need for temporary support staff increases. To make the most out of your summer help, and prevent potential headaches, consider these suggestions: Onboarding Paperwork When you hire temps during peak periods, it’s essential to differentiate [...]

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Memorial Day Remembrance in Your Organization

May 30, 1868, marked the first national observance - “Decoration Day,” to recognize and honor 623,026 soldiers who died during the Civil War, the deadliest war in American history.  World War I and World War II together claimed the lives of 626,000 soldiers and servicemen. Our men and women in the armed forces continue to fight wars and die to [...]

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Onboarding Strategy to Stop Your Company’s Revolving Door

A new employee’s first day of work entails filling out the necessary paperwork, meeting staff and a grand tour of the facility. Forward-thinking companies, however, know there are tangible benefits when they extend the onboarding process beyond day one. In order to retain employees, it is crucial to have a comprehensive, systematic onboarding plan that [...]

Encouraging a Team-Oriented Workplace in a Multi-Generational Environment

“Team Work” is a phrase commonly used in the workplace, defined as “the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective.” The process of encouraging a team environment in your company begins with first recognizing each person’s unique characteristics. Each person on your staff differs in appearance, personality and work ethic and has [...]