6 Ways to Provide Development Opportunities for Your Employees

It's extremely difficult to find good help these days. That's exactly why many companies are offering development opportunities to their current employees. "The Upskilling Imperative" Deloitte calls it "the upskilling imperative," suggesting that providing development opportunities not only helps companies but also helps the workforce by preparing them for the jobs of the future. They [...]

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How to Find Candidates for Semi-Skilled Jobs

Semi-skilled workers play an important but understated role in the typical manufacturing company. According to Chron, semi-skilled workers learn their work in about three to six months. They usually have some certification or a few courses under their belts. The problem for manufacturers is that they often don’t have the time to train this important [...]

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The Correlation Between Lack of Training & Workplace Injuries

The risk goes up when training goes down. Studies show us that inadequately trained or untrained workers equate strongly with a higher volume of on-the-job injuries. The danger isn’t just to the untrained employee but also to everyone around them. Manufacturers that fail to offer their employees ongoing training stand to have higher rates of [...]

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How Has COVID Impacted Women in Manufacturing?

Women were disproportionately affected by COVID-19. The McKinsey report, Women in the Workplace says that women are increasingly burned out—and more so than men. As a result, one in four women report they may downshift their careers or retire early. How will this affect the manufacturing sector? Women in Manufacturing Historically, the manufacturing field has [...]

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Is Job Board Technology Confusing You? Leave it to the Experts!

There are applicant tracking systems, candidate experience software, customer relationship management platforms, job boards, and a slew of automation tools all designed to help you find candidates. Do you need all this stuff? Well, probably not all of it, but a few tech tools can help you improve your candidate search process. But these tools [...]

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Pros & Cons of Using Technology in Recruiting

Technology keeps changing and evolving. There are myriad tools out there to help companies find and hire great talent in the recruiting world. According to Human Resources Today, more than 86% of recruiters say they use applicant tracking systems (ATS) or other types of recruiting platforms. Staffing agencies use these tools to their advantage. It [...]

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Here’s What Candidates Are Looking for in a Job This Year

It’s two years post-COVID, and many things have changed. From an employer’s perspective, we went from the boom of having more candidates than we needed to no candidates to be found anywhere. Today, there are millions of jobs unfilled. It’s a booming market for candidates now, and for employers, this means paying closer attention to [...]

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