Mindfulness: The New Corporate Practice

Mindfulness: The New Corporate Practice As toxic stress of the capitalistic western world met the live-in-the-present nonjudgmental philosophy of the mystical eastern world, the mindfulness movement was born. What is mindfulness? Wikipedia defines mindfulness as “the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment.” It occurs through the practice of [...]

Hiring Process vs. a Candidate’s Secret Sauce

Transparency has changed our society and economy.  When we want to know something, we merely type our question online and, presto, we receive thousands of replies. With explanations and visuals popping up in an instant, we scan/read until we get the answers that satisfy us. So why then, candidates wonder, is applying for a job [...]

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Holiday Gifts in the Workplace

Every December, people have questions about office policies and exchanging gifts. Should you give a gift to your boss? Should there be a spending limit? Is it even a good idea to exchange gifts with colleagues? Should you succumb to the additional stress that office gift exchanges add to your life? Tips for the Office [...]

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How Certifications Give Your Career a Boost

Thinking about a way to boost your career options or salary? A professional certification, trade certification, or professional designation might be just the ticket to a higher salary, more credibility, and more open doors for future opportunities. A certification shows a potential employer you: Commit to an aggregate of performance standards Completed a body [...]

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Discovering Hot Jobs

The beginning of Spring and new life naturally leads to some self-assessment. Maybe that includes a new career or redefining a current one. Either way, there are three helpful ways to launch that new goal. Search reports and news articles, online and in print, to discover current hot jobs, as well as predictions for [...]

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