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School is Virtual – How Do I Balance That With Work?

Thanks to COVID-19, we’re living in a world where it’s gotten even more challenging to schedule normal life functions. How can you organize a birthday party when everything is virtual? How can you balance work when [...]

How to Make Your Job Screening Process More Cost-Effective

In our last blog, “Why Minimum Wage Is No Longer an Options," we discussed the logic behind increasing the wages you pay workers during the pandemic. But the reality is that some corporate margins are so [...]

Benefits of Maintaining Strong Relationships with Recruiters During Uncertain Times

Recruiters are the best free resource any job candidate ever had. A staffing agency recruiter has years of experience getting to know the hiring managers of the companies you’d like to work for. But leveraging these [...]

4 Ways to Create a Work Environment that Attracts Top Talent

You need talent, but not just any worker will do. Attracting an average workforce will produce average production numbers—and no company makes that their goal. In our experience, every business wants the best talent they [...]

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