Unemployment Benefits Are Coming to an End. Here’s How You Can Set Yourself Up for Success

CNBC reported recently that millions of Americans are about to lose their unemployment benefits as soon as June 12th. At least 24-states have decided to end federal unemployment assistance well before the September 6, 2021 end data. Which states are making a move to cut benefits? If you’re currently still unemployed but facing a loss [...]

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4 Benefits of Forgoing Unemployment for a Steady Job

Right now, unemployment payments are at an all-time high, which has made it very tempting for some people to stop their job search. While this way of thinking is understandable, it may not be the best move in the long run. Staying on unemployment when businesses are starting to reopen their doors and rebuild their [...]

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8 Tips to Find a Job in the Era of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Many companies are switching to remote work and laying off other workers during the coronavirus pandemic. You might be wondering if it makes sense to send out your resume. Understandably, you might assume no one will be hiring for the foreseeable future.   However, many career experts are recommending that it’s better to keep networking and applying, as long as you change your methods somewhat in recognition of these uncertain times.  These eight suggestions can help you navigate the hiring process during the pandemic.  1. Start [...]

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