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The Hidden Treasure of Community Involvement  

The times are changing in the business world, and a company’s community involvement is no longer something that consumers and investors admire, it’s something they expect.
What’s more, businesses that take an active role in the community by participating in events, sponsorships and other means can benefit in many ways. Cutting a check just doesn’t “cut it” anymore.  Below are a few general examples:
General Corporate Benefits

  • In addition to advertising, social media and other marketing endeavors, community involvement enhances corporate brand and awareness.
  • It’s an excellent opportunity to network with potential investors and lenders.
  • It can build upon and establish new relationships.
  • It creates greater visibility, which will attract more customers and capital.

Your Employee Community
Your employees are at the core of your business. Happier employees provide the most significant benefit to your company; they will go the extra mile, which will make a positive impact on your bottom line.  Community involvement programs create an emotional attachment between the staff and your company.
And that’s your hidden treasure – employee engagement!
A recent Deloitte Volunteerism Survey shows that “volunteerism in the workplace may boost morale, workplace atmosphere, and brand perception.”
You may also attract a higher caliber of candidates, especially the newest generations entering the workforce.
Creative ways to Participate in Your Community
Huge corporations have the means to invest largely in their community programs, but this should not deter the small or mid-sized company from giving back. You can easily work with your available resources.  For example, assign people in your office to plan a food or toy drive for a local organization. Engage staff by finding out what causes ignite their passion.
Here’s what employees are saying at a few of the top corporations.
Intuit Inc.
“I’m very proud that one of our values is “We Care and Give Back,” this is a genuine value, from the special weeks of service Intuit holds to the fact that we have up to 32 hours a year we can spend on volunteer activities to serve our community.”
“Salesforce’s dedication to Volunteer Time Off and other philanthropic initiatives is unlike anything I’ve experienced or even heard about at other companies. It is an important part of our culture from top to bottom.” 
Bank of America
“The company is constantly looking for ways to contribute to the community. Recently we had a book drive and donated over 450 books to a local community outreach center.”
Take time for community involvement, and your employees will be shouting the same message.
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