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Onboarding Strategy to Stop Your Company’s Revolving Door

A new employee’s first day of work entails filling out the necessary paperwork, meeting staff and a grand tour of the facility.
Forward-thinking companies, however, know there are tangible benefits when they extend the onboarding process beyond day one.
In order to retain employees, it is crucial to have a comprehensive, systematic onboarding plan that integrates new staff with your company’s culture and provides tools for success.
According to Click Boarding, a Minnesota onboarding software company,

  • 69 percent of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding.
  • New employees given a structured onboarding program were 58 percent more likely to stay with the organization after three years.
  • Organizations with a standard onboarding process experience 50 percent greater new-hire productivity.

So how can you Build a Successful Onboarding Program?
First Impressions Count: If a candidate with impeccable credentials enters your office wearing jeans and sneakers your first impression will be unfavorable. The same holds true for new hires.  If you throw them to the wolves after their first day, leaving them to sink or swim, they too, will have an unfavorable view of view your organization, and their stay will be a short one.
Meet and Greet: Check in with them throughout the day.  Introductions should be the responsibility of corporate leaders or management staff. This gesture implies the value of the new staff member.
Create a timetable: Onboarding should be ongoing, and it is your job to make sure there is a 30, 60, and 90-day check-in period. At each checkpoint,

  • Ensure sure their training is on target.
  • Get first-hand information about the new employee’s experience.
  • Acknowledge their milestones.
  • Observe how they relate to other team members.
  • Communicate that you are accessible and ask for input on various projects.

Beyond 90-days
Only 15 percent of companies continue onboarding beyond the first six months. This is your opportunity to stand out. When a six month or one-year milestone occurs, recognize it.
The Cicero Group reports that employees who experience strong recognition throughout their first year, show the following engagement levels:

  • Work relationships – 78%
  • Connection to the company – 81%
  • Understanding their work makes a difference – 76 percent with, 28 percent without

In summary: Onboarding beyond an employee’s first day is crucial. A successful employee onboarding program will improve both engagement and employee satisfaction, which in turn increases productivity and lowers your new hire costs.
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