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Changing Careers? Consider Informational Interviews

It’s 2020, and you’re ready for a fresh start – a new path – a career change. Before you tear out of the gate on your quest, create a structured and organized plan that starts with informational interviews.
What is an Informational Interview?
Informational interviews are interviews you conduct with those who work in your field of interest. The purpose is not to secure a job, but to gather as much information as possible to get a complete understanding of a specific field.
Informational interviews allow you to:
• Learn what it’s like to work in a specific field, industry or company.
• Get advice and tips from those experienced in a specific area.
• Bring your interviewing skills to the next level.
To start on the right footing, you must know which career areas you wish to pursue.
1. What Are Your Interests?
Take time to carefully think about fields for which you may be interested and select no more than two or three. Choosing more is an ambitious endeavor, but will quickly become unmanageable.
2. Which connections will you pursue? Possibilities include
• Friends or family who work in an industry that interests you.
• College alumni or other persons from your professional network.
• LinkedIn.
• Create an email asking if they would be willing to help you gain a better understanding of their career of choice
• Share your ambitions, your background, and where you’d like to take your career
• Let potential interviewees know what you expect to gain from your interview
• Indicate the time it will take for your discussion (no more than 30 minutes).
Prepare Q&A
Prepare your questions ahead of time to ensure you get the information you need. Possible questions include:
• Why did you choose your particular field?
• How did your career in this field begin?
• What do you like best – and least – about your job?
• What is your greatest challenge?
• What obstacles have you faced during your career?
• Is there any advice you could offer someone interested in your career?
• What skills and education are most important for securing a job in the field?
• Send thank-you notes to those who participated.
If you want to make a complete change to your career, or are a recent grad trying to decide on a career path, the best way to start is to seek out information from peers, and others who are working in various industries. “Knowledge is Power,” and knowledge allows you to make informed choices leading to your success.
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