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6 Reasons to Consider a Job with Flexible Scheduling

Sometimes life can get in the way of work. Fortunately, there are flex scheduling jobs out there that can help you meet family or school commitments while still providing you with a living wage that also meets your financial goals. If you haven’t considered a 2nd or third shift role, or a temp or contract position that offers work flexibility, maybe you should. Here are six reasons to consider a job with a flexible schedule. 

1. Work-life balance

Work-life balance is achievable when your job is flexible. For example, a night shift for a weekend job stocking in a warehouse is a great way to free up your week for school or home commitments that a day job just couldn’t offer. A contract position could allow you the flexibility to work during a specific time of the year. With their summers off, teachers can earn extra income and stay productive for those three months with a contract position. College students can do the same.

2. Extra income

A flex-time job is a great way to supplement your income stream. Many of these roles have no cap on the amount of production, so if you’re motivated to earn more, you can. Some of these positions offer specific perks to entice you into the role, such as signing bonuses. A second or third shift position could provide you with a reliable, regular full-time job with wages and benefits.   

3. Less stress and better mental health

Flexible or contract jobs can help you manage your life in a way that lets you work when you want. These roles can allow you to take a break if necessary, and they can reduce the burnout you might feel from a traditional day job. Plus, there is the added monetary benefit of a night job that can help you worry less about your finances. It’s a win/win for you and your employer.

4. Are you more of a night person? These jobs can help

Not everyone is cut out for the 9 to 5 job. The entire point of these positions allows you to work when you want or need to. It’s a huge benefit for parents who are trying to home school their kids during COVID-19, for example. Or, if you’re trying to supplement a day job, an evening position can help you meet your financial goals. 

5. Gig economy supplement work

Say you’re taking advantage of the gig economy these days (who isn’t?). If you’re delivering DoorDash at night, what are you doing during the morning hours to make ends meet? A light industrial temporary or flexible first shift position could provide you with steady income that could eventually lead to a full-time role. If you need healthcare benefits, there are options available for you. If you’re trying to maximize your productivity, these jobs can help! 

6. Gain more experience

Let’s face it; it’s easier to find a full-time position if your resume is filled with experiences that pertain to your career goals. It’s also easier to find a full-time job if you already have a job. (Ironic, isn’t it?) Depending on the company you’re working for, you may be able to study for a degree and work at the same time, which will look great on your resume. Or, if you’re trying to break into a new field, a flexible job could help you earn new skills for your resume that will get you noticed by top employers. 

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